Google TV Lives!

By  |  Friday, October 28, 2011 at 8:25 am

A year ago, the first devices based on Google TV–Logitech’s Revue box and some Sony TVs–debuted. Initial irrational exuberance over for the platform melted away quickly: The software was buggy and confusing, and major media companies such as the big networks started blocking Google TV from streaming their content.

And then everybody sort of forgot about Google TV for the most part. Google occasionally said that it was working on an improved version, but the platform made news most recently when Logitech said that the Revue’s sales had been catastrophically bad. I began to worry the Google TV wouldn’t make the cut of arrows that Google wanted to put wood behind.

Now Google is talking about Google TV again. Rather than hyping expectations, the company is taking an intentionally subdued approach–its blog post is titled merely “An Update on Google TV,” which sounds at first like it might be a warning that it’s winding down. But the news is good: Sony TVs will be getting the new version early next week, and the Revue will get it soon thereafter. (There apparently won’t be any new Google TV devices until 2012.)

After just about everybody agreed that Google TV was too complex, the company decided to focus on making it simpler. For the most part, it sounds like it’s not adding new stuff so much as trying to make what’s already there easier to use. It’s streamlining the interface, beefing up the emphasis on YouTube, and introducing a new Movies & TV app designed to help you find stuff to watch, whether it’s on cable or on the Internet. (The original Google TV had a feature that let you Google for TV in a way that felt much like the classic Google search engine–it’s still there, too.)

Oh, and there’s one major addition that will give Google TV all-new capabilities: This Android-based software is finally getting access to the Android Market. You’ll only see apps–about fifty at first–that will work well on a TV, including existing ones and ones tailored specifically to Google TV.

It’s dangerous to get too excited about Google TV based on screenshots and explanations and videos–after all, the original version demoed a lot better than it actually worked. But I’m glad to see that Google has been so quiet not because it had lost interest but because it didn’t want to raise expectations too high. Google TV still has plenty of potential–and nobody else, including Apple, has nailed the living-room Internet TV box yet.

I’m going to update the Revue I have when the new version is available and will let you know what I think.


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  2. LearnFrench101 Says:

    In my humble opinion, I think that Google has to steer clear of their plans on Google TV. They already have YouTube for this job, I don't see the point in focusing on something that would compete with something they already have.
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  3. Sir Fatty Says:

    And the update will be: It’s ok, but not nearly as good as Apple TV!

  4. Petridish Says:

    Nothing will ever be as good as an apple product…. (in the eyes of an apple fanboy).

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  6. RichardL Says:

    This is welcome news. I use my Google TV constantly, but it has lots of room for improvement.

    Google TV 1.0 clearly had some significant interface problems:

    – too complex

    – the "Sproing!" problem — someone would accidentally hit or drop the keyboard and whatever was being watched would disappear and be replaced by something random with no easy way to get back.

    – the D-pad vs the mouse pad — the OK/Enter button in the center of the diamond of direction keys was not the same as the mouse click button. Each button has a different focus. I observed that every single person who tried to use the Google TV 1.0 ran into this problem and would click the wrong button leading to unexpected results, frustration and resignation.

    It will be interesting to see how well they fixed these and other problems. The solutions aren't obvious.

    Enabling 3rd-party apps through the Android Market also opens up huge potential. People should be able to make all kinds of apps. Anything that can be controlled or accessed through the LAN or the internet can now be integrated directly into Google TV.

  7. @Gnarld Says:

    I just hope Logitech Revue owners won't have to wait too awful long for the update, since they were rather vague in stating when the Revue will actually get update while being very specific about the Sony GTV.

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