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Ten years ago today, on October 23rd 2001, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPod at a press event on Apple’s Cupertino campus. (Here he is doing it.) It made the news, but didn’t feel like an epoch-shifting event at the time. It was. And to celebrate the iPod’s first decade, our tech historian and oddity collector Benj Edwards has found a dozen iPod-related curiosities–ones involving dentistry, weaponry, and a whole lot more.

View iPod Oddities slideshow.

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  1. makeityourring Says:

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  2. Petridish Says:

    I like the wood iPod, almost seems like something out of a cartoon

  3. Tea Kettles Says:

    This is really a quality work and it seems like iPod. 🙂

  4. Marty Says:

    That Day! The world did change. Great piece of art by apple. best budget digital slr cameras

  5. Alarm clocks Says:

    Ipoddities ?
    What if the Ipod takes the place of Ipad? 😛