The iPhone 5: Jobs’ Last Product?

By  |  Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 9:40 am

Brooke Crothers of Cnet is reporting that analyst Ashok Kumar says that the iPhone 5 that some people thought Apple would announce this month–the thinner one with a bigger screen–is real, and will be announced at Apple’s WWDC conference next year. He also says that it’ll be an LTEC device and that he expects it to be a blockbuster based on the fact that it will be the last major product to bear Steve Jobs’ personal imprint.

Kumar has, um, a spotty track record when it comes to rumors. Sometimes they pan out; quite often they don’t. But there’s nothing inherently implausible about this one, and it’s presumably true that we haven’t yet seen the last Apple stuff that Steve Jobs worked on.

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Ben Says:

    Even though we are about to learn a lot about Steve Jobs's life through his biography, I am sure there is much about his corporate work that is yet to be unveiled. This rumor sounds plausible and I would imagine that he had concepts, maybe even detailed ones, about many future products besides an iPhone 5, so I would imagine we'll be hearing about his influence on future Apple products for years to come.

  2. N8nNC Says:

    Steve Jobs said Apple had a 10-20 year plan, so I'm confident we'll be benefiting from his brilliance for a long while. But we won't see a new iPhone before Fall 2012.