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Sonic Meets Tetris

In the annals of rare Sonic games, Sonic Eraser might be the rarest of all. Sega only released this falling-block puzzle game as a download on it’s Sega Meganet service in Japan.

To play Sonic Eraser on your Sega Mega Drive (the Japanese Genesis), a gamer needed the Mega Modem (seen here), a subscription to the Sega Meganet service, and a Sega Game Library cartridge. The player would then dial up the Meganet service and download Sonic Eraser  and save it on the Game Library cartridge.

Despite all this hullabaloo, the game has very little to do with Sonic aside from the Sonic sprite seen here standing next to the puzzle playfield. Still, it’s a little-known part of Sonic lore.

(Modem Photo: Boffy B)

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  1. Max Says:

    You cant go wrong with an article about sega that includes reference to Steve Urkel 🙂

  2. guest Says:

    This trivia is very cool. But have many people actually played the original Sonic recently? Give it a try and then read this and see if you don't agree:

  3. Esteban Says:

    My favorite bit of Sonic weirdness? The Sonic / Harry Potter / Barack Obama backpack: