Sonic the Hedgehog Oddities

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Sonic’s Evil Twin?

It’s no secret that Mario and Sonic were fierce rivals during the console wars of the 1990s. As a result, the two characters’ parent companies (Nintendo and Sega) often took the opportunity to pick on each other’s mascots. This gentle ribbing usually rook place in advertising, but occasionally it made its way into games like Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (1995) for the Super NES.

In one level of that game, Yoshi and Mario encounter an enemy called “Harry Hedgehog” that inflates itself up if the pair gets too close. Curiously, Nintendo chose the color blue for Harry’s spines, which could very well be a reference to Sonic.

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  1. Max Says:

    You cant go wrong with an article about sega that includes reference to Steve Urkel 🙂

  2. guest Says:

    This trivia is very cool. But have many people actually played the original Sonic recently? Give it a try and then read this and see if you don't agree:

  3. Esteban Says:

    My favorite bit of Sonic weirdness? The Sonic / Harry Potter / Barack Obama backpack: