Sonic the Hedgehog Oddities

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Leaving the Sega Ecosystem

More than any other element in Sega’s early 1990s strategy, Sonic the Hedgehog saved Sega’s console business. In the mid-1990s, however, the company missteped with all its products and lost its lead in the home market. It also failed to produce a solid Sonic title for its flagship Saturn console.

So maybe it’s not that surprising that the company authorized Sonic’s first official appearance on a non-Sega game console in 1998: Sonic Jam for the Tiger The game, like the system it shipped for, was a horrible abomination. It played terribly and only loosely tied-in with the Sonic Jam compilation released for the Saturn around the same time.

(Photos: Tiger, Sega)

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  1. Max Says:

    You cant go wrong with an article about sega that includes reference to Steve Urkel 🙂

  2. guest Says:

    This trivia is very cool. But have many people actually played the original Sonic recently? Give it a try and then read this and see if you don't agree:

  3. Esteban Says:

    My favorite bit of Sonic weirdness? The Sonic / Harry Potter / Barack Obama backpack: