3D is Messing Up 2D, Too

By  |  Monday, May 23, 2011 at 8:04 am

The Boston Globe’s Ty Burr reports on an apparent ugly side effect of the generally ugly trend that is “3D”: movie theaters leaving 3D lenses on projectors even when they’re showing 2D movies, thereby robbing the films of sufficient light and leaving them dim and lifeless. Yet another reason to hope that 3D is a fad and that it goes away…


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  1. NanoGeek Says:

    I'll be on the fence about 3D until The Hobbit comes out. It is being filmed in 46 fps, and director Peter Jackson claims that change helps the 3D effect a lot.

  2. @abhijeet80 Says:

    Glad you agree it's a fad. I've never liked the idea of blurry, low res video as the next "big" thing. It's just a gimmick, doesn't add anything to the experience of a movie for me.

  3. MJPollard Says:

    3D has *always* been a gimmick, from its first incarnation in the 1950s to its short-lived resurrection in the 1980s right up to today. The only reason it’s being pushed so hard this time is that the entertainment industry wants to boost their revenue stream, and they think they can do it with 3D movies and home entertainment equipment. Artistic merit doesn’t enter the picture (no pun intended).