Uber, The Luxury Transportation Service, Now in NYC

By  |  Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 4:34 pm

Want to feel like a rockstar, with your own private car to whisk you from destination to destination across the Big Apple? San Francisco-based Uber is making a push into New York City following a successful launch in its home city last fall. The concept is simple: all reservations are done through the company’s mobile applications or via text message, and professional drivers will pick you up in a luxury sedan in “about 5-10 minutes.”

Obviously, this service costs more than your average taxi. The base fare is $8.00, with a $4.90 charge per mile, and $1.25 per minute idle charge. The minimum fare is $15.00, but no tip is necessary as Uber has included it in the fare. For a private service that seems all but one step below a limo, I guess that’s not too bad.

Uber stores your payment information making the need to rustle for change or your credit card unnecessary, and the apps give you the ability to rate your driver. Apparently the drivers can rate you as a passenger too from what TechCrunch is reporting, so be on your best behavior!

I certainly like the idea of a more professional transportation service like this that harnesses technology. Sometimes you need to step it up in class a little bit, and most NYC taxis are not it.

Right now the service is in somewhat of a soft launch, with only a “few dozen” drivers in NYC at the current time. Uber’s warning that they’re not ready on their blog, either. “Launched? No. Testing? Yes.¬†There is limited supply, but adventurous users are welcome!”

I think I’ll be “testing” this out on my next New York trip!


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