On the Quickbar, and Why It’s So Bad

Instapaper’s Marco Arment does a great job of explaining why the Quickbar in Twitter’s iPhone app is such a lousy idea–which has nothing to do with advertising. You think anyone at Twitter understands?

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  1. Fred March 21, 2011 at 8:37 am #

    I'll give Marco credit for nuance, and the usability arguments have some merit, but in the end it still reads like a member of the Twitterati claiming special privilege. Just because you were an early Twitter adopter doesn't mean the service will never change, whether it be by advertising or by acknowledging that the vast majority of Twitter users are in fact more interested in tweeting about celebrities and sports than about iOS development or SXSWi. Twitter should just make the Quick Bar optional. Then Marco and the thousands of early adopters could turn it off and the millions of users who care about trending topics could leave it on.