MetroPCS Sues the FCC Over Net Neutrality

By  |  Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at 5:32 pm

Doesn’t it seem like those working against net neutrality are the companies who’d lose the most from it? MetroPCS has joined Verizon in fighting back the FCC over the issue, filing its own suit Tuesday in the DC Court of Appeals, the same place Verizon sued the agency in last week. Like its much bigger competitor, MetroPCS is questioning if the FCC has the authority to regulate ISPs’ network management.

The carrier recently launched its 4G services using LTE. It was criticized by many following the launch, as MetroPCS decided to selectively block some applications. Such activities would be in direct violation of the FCC’s planned regulation when it comes to net neutrality, and would require the company to change the way it does business.

MetroPCS, which offers pre-paid wireless service at low prices without a contract, recently said its customers “aren’t really looking for the next hot Android or iPhone.” Thus, I guess under the company’s logic it gave it the authority to choose what you can see on your phone as long as they’re giving you 4G on the cheap (although GigaOm’s Kevin Tofel says it sure isn’t fast).

This is not the last we’ll hear of MetroPCS on the issue: the company also plans to argue its stance in writing to the FCC next month. I’m quite interested to see what they have to say.

Personally, I think any company that is aiming to compete on price better darn well compete as much on functionality as well. So what that MetroPCS is the cheapest on the block, when it doesn’t work the same as everyone else? In the case of MetroPCS, I think this is the clearest example of how net neutrality could benefit the consumer.

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