Eleven Questions About the Verizon iPhone. Assuming There is, Indeed, a Verizon iPhone

By  |  Monday, January 10, 2011 at 12:15 pm

As I’m getting ready to liveblog Verizon’s “Latest News” event tomorrow at 11am ET/8am PT–join us at technologizer.com/verizon–I have a few questions about what we’ll learn. And a few semi-educated guesses, too.

1. Is tomorrow’s event about a Verizon iPhone rather than, say, a new Bluetooth headset? (My best guess: Yes)

2. Is it about a substantially new iPhone–something different enough that it’s not an iPhone 4 (My best guess: No)

3. Is it about an LTE-enabled iPhone 4 rather than a 4G EVDO one? (My best guess: No)

4. Will Verizon customize the phone’s software through apps such as Vcast? (My best guess: No)

5. Will there be a Verizon logo on the phone? (My best guess: No)

6. Will the contract pricing for the phones be the same as on AT&T–$199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB? (My best guess: Yes)

7. When will the phone be available? (The rumor is that it’ll go on sale around the end of January. Sounds logical to me.)

8. Will Verizon offer capped data plans like AT&T, or unlimited ones? (The rumor is that they’ll be unlimited. I have no idea)

9. Will Steve Jobs appear at the event? (The rumor is that he will, unless he won’t–sounds logical to me! My best guess is that he will)

10. Will Verizon execs slag AT&T onstage? (My best guess: No, but they’ll dwell on the reliability of the Verizon network and explain what they’ve done to prep it for the iPhone)

11. Will there be any news at the event other than “Hey, you can buy a Verizon iPhone!” (My best guess: Yes, but nothing life-changing, or even hugely newsworthy)

Got more questions? Answers? Chime in, and I hope to see you tomorrow. If nothing else, it’ll be a relief if we can all stop talking about a Verizon iPhone as a possibility rather than a fact of life…


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8 Comments For This Post

  1. Randy Peterman Says:

    They're tweeting from an iPhone at their official twitter account. That has to count for something.

  2. Dave Says:

    I am betting it will be LTE, I don't think that Apple would relseas a phone that couldn't, at least theoretically, have voice and data at once.

  3. Rishi Garg Says:

    Correction to #3 — you mean 3G EVDO, not "4G EVDO".

  4. Frederick Felman Says:

    Will the Verizon Iphone be a "world phone"?

  5. Drew D. Says:

    Nice that it it finally coming to Verizon but the current momentum is with Android now

  6. ediedi Says:

    Correct. This announcement is uninteresting to 90% of the civilised world.

  7. @Det_Conan_Kudo Says:

    You know…. It could be that Apple is announcing a variant of the iPad that works off of the CDMA+EVDO network. If that is the case, then a lot of people are going to be disappointed. Reflecting back on the years, Verizon had every opportunity to make their network compatible with the iPhone. When the iPhone 3G came out, Verizon's 3G network wasn't built out very much at all. They could have easily switched to HSPA+ for the 3G network like the Canadians did. If they did that, then the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and even the iPhone 4 would have worked very well on Verizon.

  8. videomaker114 Says:

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