Borders' Cash Crunch

By  |  Friday, December 31, 2010 at 12:41 pm

Tower Records died. So did Virgin Megastores. Blockbuster is in trouble. When do the big bookstore chains start to fall victim to the digital revolution?



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  1. Dee Says:

    awww I love Borders 🙁 Makes me sad to hear this!

  2. dholyer Says:

    I never went to these Cooperate giants, if I needed a record or music I went to a local music store that one of my friends use to work at. In those days I was kind of a cheapo, if a friend had the recording I would borrow there record. Those days were before the CD in 1983 or the MP3 in 1990 for pirates and 1994 when they went retail. Until then I had my dual deck Ghetto Blaster and FM radio.

    I wish they had the toys that kids have now some 30 years ago. It may have been possible but no one was that forward looking then. And in those days things would have been much bigger, bulkier and would eat batteries faster than Pac Man dots.

    That was back in the 80's when many of these companies started, the big reason why they face extinction is technology advances daily, and so does kids desires for new things.

    If this desire for new things fades away so does human evolution, So evolution killed the music store. That was done in the tone of Video killed the Radio Star.

    Does antone want to make or remake that song with new lyrics?

  3. dholyer Says:

    How about, Digital killed the Recording and Video Star. The only thing is RAP today would butcher the original so bad unless you had so real talent to use.