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By  |  Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 8:45 pm

Good story in the New York Times on Google’s Chrome OS, with some juicy tidbits (a Google honcho says that 60 percent of businesses could dump Windows for Chrome OS immediately, and that he “hopes” Chrome OS leads to system administrators losing their jobs.)

I’m looking forward to seeing Chrome OS machines, whenever they show up, but I worry that it’s both outdated (it dates from the pre-iPad era, and feels like it) and ahead of its time (it assumes you don’t want to run any local apps at all). We’ll see.


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  1. melika Says:

    ChromeOS is a stupid concept. It was stupid when Larry Ellison wanted to do it and it is still stupid today.

  2. Jay Says:

    But can't businesses buy and run Google apps on local servers? or has that not happened yet.

    It's the only way businesses are going to use Google for anything, but what do Google get from it???

  3. garyk Says:

    no way in hell i would store all of my data, or tell any of my clients to store all of their data, in some remote location.

  4. adityagt Says:

    What a moron. Google always magically forgets that their achilles heel will always remain security. We already know Privacy is overrated in Googleland but what about security?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I think you mean "Privacy is undervalued at Google". It is obviously misunderstood by the top people like Eric, Larry and Sergey, Sundar and Marissa when they spread FUD and misinformation.

  6. beatit Says:

    well im excited!

  7. Relyt Says:

    From the day that ChromeOS was released, I was unimpressed. Still nothing really going for his OS, in my opinion. Very unattractive to businesses, I would think, regardless of what Google says.

  8. Daniel Cawrey Says:

    Interesting take, being that perhaps it is both outdated and ahead of its time in a weird way. I think what's a revelation with that NY Times article is that they are going to promote Chrome OS on all sorts of devices.

  9. Hornedred Says:

    Sorry but that comment is bogus, 60% could is certainly not 60% will and given that my own company just upgraded to win7 after a long drawn out testing phase, can't see us swapping anytime soon, i would personally never want to be reliant on Internet access so if I can't do things like play games without it not going to be for me.