Boxee Box Ships

By  |  Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 4:44 am

D-Link is shipping the Boxee Box. The network Web sites will presumably block it, but it has Vudu, is going to get Netflix and Hulu Plus, and has a ton of other features.

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  1. @evvywevvy Says:

    Hulu Plus and Netflix are nice, as is Vudu. The Boxee software has been available for a while, but I suppose with few users and little mainstream publicity it could fly under the radar as far as the networks' websites.

    I preordered mine back in September, so I'll pay for it anyway, but the holy grail would be being able to add Netflix and Hulu and other apps' content to the main Movies and TV Shows sections. (As I understand it, that's what Google TV was trying to do, but their interface/remote looks like a joke to me.) Even integrating it into the search results would be amazing.

    Boxee could market it to content providers as advertising: the app would be configured by default to show up in search results, so you would see that your sought-after show was available on e.g. Hulu Plus; clicking on the result would take you to the app, where you can purchase a subscription, or email yourself a signup link.