A Second Display for Your Android Phone

By  |  Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 9:20 pm

Last Gadget Standing Nominee: Sony Ericsson LiveView micro display

Price: About $85

Top 25Everyone likes Android phones with humongous screens, right? Sony Ericsson is betting that some folks who own those phones would like to keep them in their pocket or purse and control them with the LiveView, a tiny squarish display that can communicate with several of the company’s Xperia handsets via Bluetooth. It can display information such as incoming calls, Facebook and Twitter updates, and “now playing” details on music, and you can wear it on a clip, fasten it to your keychain, or even strap it on like a wristwatch.

The LiveView automatically scans your Xperia phone for compatible applications, and will be available in “selected markets” by the end of this year.


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5 Comments For This Post

  1. Ryan Says:

    I cannot imagine what I would ever use this for. My phone (a Galaxy S Captivate) isn't so tremendously large that it's a huge hassle for me to take it out of my pocket. And if it's only compatible with Xperia phones? That's even worse.

  2. David Crotty Says:

    This immediately makes me think of the currently widespread practice (particularly among the younger) of using your cel phone as your timepiece, something of a return to the days of the pocketwatch. Now, imagine using this new technology, a smaller screen you could attach to your wrist that would display your phone's clock without having to remove it from your pocket! Quite an astounding technological breakthrough!

  3. Ryan Says:

    Haha – I totally use my phone as my watch now… Even though I own 3 very nice watches, I am FOREVER forgetting to put one of them on in the morning. Usually because I forget where I took them off, and I don't have a routine. Also, with an 18 month old at home, I also end up taking it off somewhere (in the living room, the kitchen, the front hall) to avoid hurting him with it while we're playing, and forget where I left it. 😛

  4. jbbdude Says:

    I stumbled upon this looking for a LARGER secondary display, one that I wouldn't have to lug around in my pocket but I could use travelling, etc instead of a tablet or laptop. Who would want a mini-display? The phone is already small.

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