Verizon MiFi: Maybe the Best $60 I Spend Each Month

By  |  Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 9:27 am

Here’s another guest post I wrote for the Reimagine ROI site (which is sponsored by HP): It’s on my Verizon MiFi wireless router, and why I came to the conclusion that paying $60 a month to take Wi-Fi with me everywhere isn’t a luxury at all….



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  1. MaXKiLLz Says:

    I prefer using my rooted Droid as a wifi hotspot with unlimited data.

  2. GregC Says:

    MiFi is pretty cool. If you don't need it all the time or have a hard time justifying the monthly cost, check out Virgin Mobile's offering – pre-paid MiFi where you can get 30 days of unlimited bandwidth for $40. Of for the more occasional user, 100 MB over 10 days for $10.