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By  |  Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 10:05 am

Seriously, folks–these days, you can barely move your contact list to your new phone before coveting the next one.

I queried a few of our Last Gadget Standing judges and they’ve got no shortage of opinion on which phones should be in the running for the award we’ll hand out at CES next January.

Some voiced concern about the Nokia N8 being an oddity.  Yeah, well, it’s an oddity with a 12 MP camera (with Zeiss lens) and HD video recording.  Those video watchers amongst us will be intrigued by the form factor; those who are dubious about Symbian less so.

Laptop Magazine’s Avram Piltch, already an admirer of Verizon’s Droid line, is waiting to get his hands on the Droid Pro. It may be the perfect blend of business and pleasure. Piltch is also betting on Android screens that hold up to the Apple Retina on the iPhone 4.  Joanna Stern of Engadget says that she’s a Blackberry fangirl and thinks that RIM’s Torch–currently one of the state of the art slider keyboard contenders–merits consideration.

Steve Wildstrom gave a nod to Samsung’s Galaxy S phones, available under various names on every major carrier.  I have to agree that they have sex appeal.  Everyone can agree that the HTC EVO 4G’s screen real estate is lust-worthy, too.  A few raised the Palm Pre flag, mostly out of curiosity to see what HP has planned.  Any tips?

And you?  Which new or upcoming phones would you pick as the hottest of the bunch? Your nominations could help us find our CES winner.


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17 Comments For This Post

  1. @DavidRisner Says:

    I'm excited about Windows Phone 7. iOS's interface is boring and apps on my iPhone 3GS are constantly crashing. I'm hoping that Windows Phone 7 will overcome these issues.

  2. morphoyle Says:

    I guess it depends on your needs. From a personal standpoint, I need a physical keyboard. I have had a g1 since launch and am preparing to upgrade to the g2.
    From a work standpoint, I haven't been able to do better than the HTC Touch Pro2, which is what my company offers in the way of Windows Mobile. I tried both an iphone 3gs and the droid incredible, which are also options for work. Neither of them as worked as well as the HTC in terms of Microsoft infrastructure integration. It works flawlessly with outlook and office, and it is the only platform that has an office communicator client, which I need regularly for my position. I wouldn't touch it as a personal phone, however. There is a severe lack of apps compared to the other platforms, and it isn't nearly as customizable as an android phone.

  3. Steve L Says:

    HTC Desire HD!!!!

  4. PSPJ Says:

    Droid X. Period. Perhaps its because of the change from the Storm 1 :(, but simply the best phone I've ever had, bard none. Way outperforms highest expectations.

  5. Maddie Cep Says:

    No doubt i choose Nokia N8 because of its stunning features n greatly build body….:)

  6. Annoony mouse Says:

    The Great N8 has USB OTG, which makes it a mobile computer. Oh, and don't forget the Dolby Surround Sound and HDMI out prowess which also makes it a Multimedia hub.

  7. Roman Di Says:

    N8 indeed.

  8. Samu Says:

    N8, cause it simply works great as a phone too, and battery last longer than on most smartphones

  9. @arief_r Says:

    Off course N8!

  10. theresa roxas Says:

    no doubt its nokia n8! it has surpassed smartphones standards. usb ready? HD screen. couldn't really ask for more.

  11. rashad Says:

    N8 for sure

  12. Avo Mandjian Says:

    nokia n8 😀 the best for nowadays 😉

  13. Ted Says:

    Nokia N8, beyond a shadow of a doubt! With so much features like HDMI, USB OTG, 12mp camera, 720p video recording and so on, and so on. I don't care what other people say about the S^3 platform. It may look like the older versions, but it can be upgraded when with the upcoming releases.

  14. Vidushi Saraf Says:

    any day

  15. Bobbeaux Says:

    Going against the grain these days, I just traded my middling Droid Eris ( not great battery life, laggy, poor phone app, no physical keyboard) for a used palm pre plus. (not great battery life, true multi-tasking, free mobile hot spot. middling physical keyboard) and couldn't be happier.
    The universe of apps is smaller and not quite as polished as iOS and certainly not as big as either Android or Apple, but I wouldn't count HP/Palm out quite yet. They are on to something and I think if they can get the hardware side up to the software they might have something really great on their hands.

  16. Rashmi Says:

    N8 for sure

  17. pizzaman Says:

    HTC Desire HD ftw!