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By  |  Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 9:41 am

For a decade, one of the most popular events at January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has been Last Gadget Standing–a live battle between the show’s niftiest new gizmos to pick a single best-of-CES winner. I’m delighted to announce that next year’s edition is being cohosted by Technologizer. We’ll be working with Living in Digital Times (founded by the creator of Last Gadget Standing, my friend Robin Raskin). And a bunch of tech mavens will serve as judges.

Here’s a cool part: You can help us choose the winner, even if you won’t be anywhere near Vegas during CES time. As nominees for the competition come in, we’ll be blogging about them and asking for your input–and, as we get closer, letting you cast votes. (The posts will show up both here on Technologizer’s home page and at Last Gadget Standing’s site.) That’s how we’ll winnow the field to ten finalists who will face off at CES. It should be a lot of fun–and I can’t wait to learn which product is this year’s big winner.

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  1. Roy Says:

    Nookcolor works like a mini iPad, but with a larger screen than my Android X (which is very large for a cell phone). Plus, I'd never even think of reading a whole book on my Android, but it's so easy to do so on a Nookcolor. Love it!