Leaving Facebook: Feasible Forever?

By  |  Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 12:49 pm

Over at Techland, I’m continuing to muse on the implications of not belonging to Facebook. Today, it’s eminently doable, but at what point does it become a weird, obstinate refusal to be part of society?


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  1. John Says:

    Aren't you over dramatizing this a bit.

    Full disclosure: I have never had a Facebook account, so I can't speak from experience as to how it would or would not be relevant to my life.

    My impression is that it is a complete waist of my time for us everyday worker drones. I ran a NOC for several years, and granted we had down time, as a supervisor there was nothing worse to me than finding people sitting and paroosing facebook on my watch. To be honest I would much prefer them to be in tech magazine websites or something more relevant to the job. Those people on facebook tended to be the workers with lower productivity.

    On a personal note… If I am going to invest time and effort to developing my social relationships I much prefer the closeness of a phone call. My wife and I both text or email photos of the memorable moments to each other, family and friends.

    I'm not all that old to have missed the train (31), and I have friends that tell me they feel depressed about their life when they are on facebook (even though in my opinion they have nothing to be depressed about).

    I think that facebook has one major flaw… it is out for facebook. Until that changes, or something else comes along that provides similar functionality in an open way, I don't see it getting much bigger. (Of course I am speaking in terms of the US)

  2. Derek Says:

    "…out for facebook"? What do you mean?

  3. Guest Says:

    Seriously, Facebook brings new meaning to the phrase "publica persona"

    You give up all rights to your personal data and encourage commercial exploitation of it. Perhaps the new Diaspora project will appear to put a dent into Facebook's preeminence.

  4. Guest Says:

    I refuse to use Facebook, and I refuse to use Google products based on the privacy intrusion demanded by both companies. Maybe I am weird and obstinate, but oh, well….