The Flintstones: Fifty Years of Irresponsible Driving

By  |  Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 12:28 pm

Last night, I expressed concern that Google’s celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of The Flintstones appeared to involve a grisly scene with Bamm Bamm’s severed head stored on the roof of Fred’s car. My post has inspired some comments, including the suggestion that Bamm Bamm is alive and well and merely riding up there, as well as a “grassy knoll” theory.

The topic clearly merited additional research. My friend Andrew Leal found a number of relevant images–check ’em out after the jump.

First of all, as the image below shows, the Rubbles have indeed been known to let their son ride on top of Fred’s car–which is an act nearly as alarming as storing his skull with the luggage. (I still haven’t forgiven Mitt Romney for doing something similar to his dog.) Not that Fred and Wilma are doing much better here: They’re allowing Pebbles to ride in the front, without a car seat. And shouldn’t Fred keep his eyes on the road rather than mugging for the camera?

Also just plain dangerous–although gripping onto Dino’s head provides some slight degree of stability, I guess.

Why  Bamm Bamm would ever ride up top is unclear–this images proves there’s plenty of space for him in the back seat.

Much better–both Pebbles and Bamm Bamm are in car seats, and Fred and Wilma are wearing shoulder belts. Pebbles, however, should be in the back with Bamm Bamm. Put ’em both back there with Betty, I say, and leave Dino at home for the sake of safety. Also: Shouldn’t Betty and Barney keep their hands in the vehicle?

Of course, you might just leave the kids at home with a good babysitter (say, Wilma’s mother, Mrs. Slaghoople). I’m not sure why Fred is being pulled over here–you’d think it would be kind of hard for him to speed–but it’s just as well that the kids aren’t along for the ride. (Side note: Barney has brought along his radio–and it isn’t a bird!)

No kids in harm’s way, eyes on road–the only problem here is that seat belts don’t seem to have been invented yet. I wonder if that thing has airbags, and if so, what sort of animals they are?

The guys seem to have left the girls at home to watch the kids. I’m guessing it’s a pleasant break for everyone involved. But holding a bowling ball like that looks like a recipe for disaster.

Lastly, here’s Barney serving as designated driver. (At least I hope he hasn’t been drinking–both he and Fred were known to hoist a few from time to time.)

What can we learn here?

  • It’s conceivable that Bamm Bamm is alive and safe in Google’s celebratory image. Then again, if the Rubbles repeatedly allowed him to ride up there, isn’t it possible that his noggin was knocked off in a tragic accident?
  • With driving like that, it’s a wonder that humans managed to survive the prehistoric era.
  • Fred either owned several cars in various sizes, or owned a magic automobile that could shrink and stretch to accomodate different numbers of passengers–no matter how many passengers were on board, it was always a full load.

That’s probably enough discussion of this topic for now–but see you on September 23rd, 2012. That’s the fiftieth anniversary of the Jetsons, and I’m already concerned about Elroy’s well-being…


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5 Comments For This Post

  1. joe c Says:

    Bamm-Bamm is tough, dude. If he fell out and ran him over, the car would be totalled.

  2. Rob Says:

    Have you noticed that their main vehicle changes dimensions in its various incarnations? In one picture, there’s only one seat. In the other’s the width of the seats apparently changes. In Google’s picture, there isn’t room for Bamm-Bamm or Pebbles between the adults, hence Pebbles rides in Wilma’s lap and Bamm-Bamm on the roof. That doesn’t justify the lack of safety, of course, but it does explain Bamm-Bamm’s riding on the roof in Google’s picture.

    Clearly, in the stone age, there were no air bags, seat belts, child seats, or even a sense of needing to provide extra care of children.

    All of that aside, joe c is quite right. Bamm-Bamm wouldn’t be the least bit hurt by flying from the roof and slamming into a brontosaurus or rock wall in an accident.

    Oh, and on Barney’s radio, I suspect the bird would be found inside. (The back is likely open to permit the bird’s flying in and out as necessary to get the desired content.)

  3. dalewj Says:

    Kuzoo? Wheres Kazoo?????

  4. dalewj Says:

    or was that Gazoo.. hmmmmm

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