Kinect’s Milo Put to Bed?

By  |  Thursday, September 23, 2010 at 2:21 pm

More than a year old, “Milo” is still Kinect for Xbox 360’s most impressive tech demo. Sadly, Kotaku’s unnamed sources say the project has been cancelled.

The sources say the technology behind Milo will be put to use in another game based on Fable, a series of role-playing games developed by the same studio that put Milo together. But Milo himself is, reportedly, no more.

Milo debuted during E3 2009, when Kinect was introduced under the codename Project Natal. In a video, shown at Microsoft’s press conference, a young boy on the screen interacted with an older girl in real life.  Milo referred to the girl by name, responded to what she said and how she said it, and could even recognize a drawing that the girl showed to Kinect’s motion-detecting camera.

With Kinect due to launch in November, supported mostly by simple, casual games, Milo remains fresh in the mind. It’s a sign of Kinect’s potential even as Microsoft sees fit to mimic the Wii’s stable of sports, exercise and racing games out of the gate.

I’d love to see more than just mini-games from a device that can recognize movement, facial expressions and speech. Hopefully, the supposed Fable tie-in game will do great things, but I’m sad that such a powerful and simple concept — hanging out with an avatar — isn’t coming to Kinect any time soon, even if it’s a little bit creepy.


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9 Comments For This Post

  1. @FNG9232 Says:

    Good night sweet prince.

  2. Moustafa Honda Says:

    i am really goin to miss it…
    wished they would have continued it 🙁

  3. sully Says:

    im suspicouse why they cancelled it like maybe it was acted out to make the xbox kinect more suphistacated then it is so people will buy it but just a thought i got kinect for my birthday and its pretty awsome

  4. Dallin Says:

    They Could Have Continued! I Am So Mad It Looked Like A Great Game It Would Be The #1 Games Ever

  5. Developer16 Says:

    Smells of WinFS. A fantastic promise they MFST couldn't deliver on.

  6. Steve Says:

    Maybe they were scared of his true brain power.Lmao!!!! Kinda like that movie years ago Wargames. Doubt that really. But let’s be honest that thing could make alot change in the computer industry. An interactive character that has learning capabilities!!!??? THAT IS CREEPY!!

  7. LilTona Says:

    Put Milo in Stores, everybody in cayman was expecting it and now uneh cancled it, fable is gonna have a setting of the old times, milo is modern, which people will like, at least make something that people can talk to like loney people of some sort. plzzz

  8. Preston Says:

    I'm a bit suspicious why they would cancel something that everyone was really excited about? And the demo of Milo looked believable, but at parts looked staged. I think they staged Milo to make Kinect more popular. I also think that should make Milo, but on a disc that you can put into the XBOX

  9. Kixlio Says:

    What the. . . . Really, they cancel the one reason I got a kinect? Srsly?!
    Milo doesn't deserve this they have to continue! T^T