Super Mario Oddities

25 years of wackiness inspired by the legendary Nintendo game, from lost levels to breakfast food to pop art.

Posted by  | Sunday, September 12, 2010

Modern Mario Art
These days, one can find many artistic reinterpretations of Mario on the web. Sites like deviantART thrive with fan-based art that re-imagines popular video games. A common angle artists take is to depict video game characters and settings (like Mario) in a more realistic fashion.

Two such works can be found here. On the left, we see “The M.K.” painted by Jose Emroca Flores for the 2006 i am 8bit art exhibition. On the right, we see a realistic Mario squishing a bloodied Goomba created by Living Oxymoron. Both are notable for their vivid, harsh depictions of Mario’s normally carefree cartoon world.

Images: Jose Emroca Flores (left) and Living Oxymoron (right)

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  1. lesinge32 Says:

    as a fellow love of old school video games you should check out the pac man video this swiss artist made!… also tetris, pong, space invaders

  2. sss Says:

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  3. Guest Says:

    How about Communist Mario?

  4. GamesOgre Says:

    That's a fantastic collection of weird Mario stuff. I agree, that control-Mario-by-hand video is amazing!