Facebook More Popular than Google

By  |  Friday, September 10, 2010 at 10:36 am

The need to check up with friends on Facebook is becoming so great that as a whole we’re spending more time on Facebook than any other online destination, comScore reported this week. A total of 41.1 million minutes or 9.9 percent of consumer’s online time were spent on the site in August, surpassing time spent on Google which came in with 39.8 million minutes or 9.6 percent.

It shouldn’t be all too surprising that the social networking site has come out on top. Facebook’s user experience invites the user to spend an extended period of time on the site, whether it be posting statuses, playing games, or creeping on other’s profiles.

Google doesn’t have that. All we come to do there is search and get out, really. There currently is not much there to keep us, so its more of a passthrough than a destination per se. It should be noted that Google’s other sites — including Gmail and YouTube —  were apparently included in the numbers but that still wasn’t enough.

Even more interesting than the race between Google and Facebook is Yahoo’s own fall from grace. In the same study taken last year, Yahoo had 12 percent of user’s online time, versus only five percent each for Google or Facebook. This year, that has fallen to 9.1 percent in the current survey.

I know at least in my own usage, my Facebook time far outweighs any time I spent on Google. I could also arguably say I spent more time on Twitter that Google, too. What sites are you using the most?


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Sajib Says:

    I'm not nervous for this at all. Facebook may be more popular according to how many people are using it or how many hours are spent on it. But it is of no use when it is compared to Google. Google is hundred times more useful than Facebook.

  2. Internetador Says:

    É interessante que o Google não consiga criar uma rede social comparável ao Facebook, mas espero pra ver se o Facebook conseguirá criar um buscador comparável ao Google…