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By  |  Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 9:09 pm

What’s the consensus on Google’s new results-as-you-type Google Instant interface? I’m not sure if there is one. When I asked my pals on Twitter (where I’m @harrymccracken) for their initial take, I got lots of feedback–but it included raves, rants, and acknowledgements that it’ll take time to form a solid opinion.

After the jump, what folks had to say.


I think it's very impressive. They're right. Once you've gone 'Instant', you'll wonder how you ever searched any other way.



It saves one mouse click over existing suggestion method. Pointless.



Google Instant reminds me of kid game where someone steps exactly in your footsteps as you walk. Jury's still out here.



spiffy trick, seems like they'll be able to improve the concept, almost obvious in hindsight (web2.0), clones in 3 ... 2 ...



Google Instant is impressive. In my mind, it's their first real search innovation since relevant search results.



Sexy visually, but I can't decide whether the live search results will be distracting or useful in practice.



It's distracting for now, but I can see how it will be useful once I get my head around it a bit.



It definitely has some glitches, but as somebody who changes and tinkers with Google searches often, it's a nice addition.



Nifty, but not useful for me. I search via Safari search field or LaunchBar 99% of the time.



Google has more engineers and ideas than they have consolidated strategic vision.



My initial reaction: digital version of motion sickness.



not quite sure if i like it yet... it's neat... but almost distracting.



I like the idea of 'course correcting' keyword strings while typing to get the results I want.



re: Google Instant--while cool technically speaking, find it a bit annoying and distracting from a user point of view



It's like Autocomplete Me after a run in with BALCO!



Google Instant...novel but point? I use Chrome, never go near the homepage these days.



Super, if you use, which I don't (I use Chrome address bar).



Google instant is so instant I keep thinking when I hit 'Backspace' my browser is sending me back to my last search query!



I think 'instant' is pretty incredible. Its not just about the page reloading.



I think it's amazing. Google has proved that they still are the no.1 search company. It's fast and slick, love it!



It may shift how I traditionally search: moving me from my Firefox search bar, back to the Google homepage proper.



Pretty splashy way to harvest tons of real-world language data if #Google plans to do a speech interface.



It's mind-numbingly fast. And useful. And a little disconcerting, but I'm sure that'll pass.



I love Google Instant, it eliminates my need to hit Enter on the keyboard to complete a search & also eliminated the need for the back button on my browser while searching



It's superb and an engineering feat. I can't wait to have it on images, videos and have Twitter results integrated.



I was pleasantly surprised to see it active here in Qatar. Really fast, but I rarely use G from its homepage.



I like it. But it still thinks I'm in Johnson City when I'm not while Bing knows I'm in Kingsport...


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Mike Cerm Says:

    Any modifications to Google homepage are meaningless for a power-user. I can't even remember the last time saw it, because I always search using Firefox/Chrome's search capabilities, and 99% of time I'm just using "I'm Feeling Lucky" from the address bar. For the majority of people who do waste time by going through the homepage (and don't know how to craft good searches), it probably would be a useful feature. Unfortunately, such people are unlikely to change their behavior enough to actually benefit from it.

  2. Ed Oswald Says:

    Absolutely hate it. Fast typers will get a seizure from how many dang times the page changes. Very distracting!