Your Apple Music Event Predictions: The Upshot

By  |  Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 6:00 am

Earlier this week, I asked you to predict what Apple would announce at the music event it held yesterday. Time for a recap! (Executive summary: You got a bunch of stuff right but missed out on a few key points.)

You said: Apple will announce a new iPod Touch, a new iPod Nano, and a new Apple TV. It won’t announce any other new products.

What happened: Apple did announce a new Touch, a new Nano, and a new Apple TV. But it also unveiled a new iPod Shuffle. (It released a new version of iTunes as well, but I’ll cut you slack on that one, since I didn’t ask specifically about that app.)

You said: The iPad will get at least some of iOS 4’s new features.

What happened: It will–in November, when Apple plans to release iOS 4.2, which reunifies the feature set of the iPhone and the iPad..

You said: If there’s a new Apple TV, it’ll run iOS and have third-party apps.

What happened: Do we know for sure whether Apple TV runs iOS now? In any event, it doesn’t do apps.

You said: Steve Jobs would be the primary host of the event.

What happened: He was. In fact, he handled almost the whole thing on his own, except for a game demo.

You said: The Beatles wouldn’t become available on iTunes.

What happened: They didn’t.

A very small plurality of you said: Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr would perform at the event.

What happened: Chris Martin of Coldplay played at the conclusion.

I also gave you the opportunity to make free-form predictions. Here’s a sampling of them and whether they panned out:

“I think they will start pushing payments and near field communication (nfc).” (No)

“They will push forward with iOS (stole name again from Cisco – just like iPhone) on a bevy of entry level consumer devices, no programming or intelligence necessary.” (Nope)

“Apple will introduce a streaming music/movies subscription service. Streamed music will be at a lower bit rate, but you will be able to stream anything in the Apple catalog. iPod Classic will begin phasing out, but may find new life by having touch screen replace click wheel.” (No music/movie subscription service–the Apple TV provides rentals and Netflix. The Classic survives for the moment in its presentform.)

“New iTV will act as an accessory to iPhone/iPod touch; use WiFi or bluetooth to connect devices for use as controllers for games or remotes for navigating iTV.” (It’s called Apple TV, not iTV. New Airplay feature lets you stream media from an iOS device to Apple TV.)

“Prepare to be underwhelmed by a cosmetic only Touch and shuffle update; new form factor like iphone on Touch and no screen on the Shuffle; The “iTV” will have a ship date of Nov.2010; Apps in Jan. 2011″ (no)

“iPod classic and shuffle will disappear, in favor of the touch and nano respectively. This emans no more clickwheel and iOS everywhere.” (no)

“Apple will announce 6 million iPads sold. 99¬Ę movie rentals might also be in the cards. And iPhone on T-Mobile.” (no on everything–the 99-cent rentals are TV shows, not movies)

“Lady Gaga special appearance.” (sort of right–she wasn’t there in person, but we saw a Gaga video.)

Overall, your predictive talents were…well, definitely adequate, but not uncanny. You’re in excellent company–when it comes to Apple, almost nobody’s record is better than erratic. Thanks for participating, and we’ll try this again next time…



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  1. Mike Cerm Says:

    The only prediction that I missed was the one about Steve Jobs being the primary host. I figured that, without anything really interesting to announce, it would be a good time share the spotlight with Phil.

    One thing I did NOT get wrong, unlike almost everyone else in the media, was the iOS on iTV thing. I knew a new Apple TV would be announced, the rumors about it being a screenless iPod Touch that runs apps never made sense. There'd be no way to make existing apps compatible with such a device, and the idea that content companies would want to be in the business of writing apps for a box that connects to a TV (with an install base of a few hundred thousand), and basically destroy the deals they have with their cable partners was silly. Also, using another iDevice as a remote control just seemed like an unlikely solution; they're meant for browsing the web while watching TV, not controlling the TV.

  2. Mike Thrane Says:

    I currently use my iphone to control my Apple TV. Are we sure that won't be supported on the new version?

  3. Aberstan Says:

    One major limitation with the Netflix and Apple iTunes store is that the large majority of quality content is only available to those living in the USA.

    Netflix is available to those in the USA (But for those abroad, you can get a US IP address with a VPN service)

    Also, if you are abroad it can be challenging to setup a US ITunes account without a US credit card.

    Yet I did find a work around solution for accessing the the iTunes US from abroad by using iTunes Gift Cards at

    I don't understand why Netflix, Apple and the media companies don't just let people have worldwide access to media…wouldn't it mean more profits for them?!?