Less Annoying Laptop Stickers from AMD

By  |  Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 1:40 pm

Forget the iPods and Apple TV; David Pogue has the best news I’ve heard all week: Starting next year, AMD will make the stickers it slaps on laptop palm rests considerably less annoying to remove. They’ll peel off easily and leave no sticky gunk behind. Maybe other companies will follow suit, or better yet, get rid of those ugly advertisements altogether.



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  1. Alvin B. Says:

    In apparently unrelated news in 2011, AMD's mindshare among the sheeple mysteriously drops by 75%.

  2. Rob Says:

    Those stickers are, indeed, annoying and they appear to be applied to all computers just so retailers can open any box and have a unit ready for display. Why not supply a simple-to-apply card stock overlay that offers all of the desired advertising and leave off the stickers altogether!

    I also dislike the permanent advertising many manufacturers feel incumbent to affix to their electronics. When shopping for a Blu-ray player, for example, it's good to know that it will read umpteen different formats, but once at home, that list of formats adorning the front panel simply detracts from the player's appearance.