Make Apple Predictions, Get a Shot at a $100 Apple Gift Card

By  |  Monday, August 30, 2010 at 10:21 am

Apple is holding its traditional September music event this Wednesday at 10am PT. As is my wont, I’m going to avoid making any predictions by asking you to do so. Click here to take our quick survey. I’ll aggregate everyone’s best guesses and turn them into shared predictions from the Technologizer community. (I’ll publish them before the event so you can score at home, and again after the event so we can reflect on how we did–your track record when we’ve done this in the past is not bad at all.)

When you take the survey, you can choose to enter a drawing for a $100 gift card from the U.S. Apple Store. The survey and gift card giveaway end at 2pm PT on Tuesday, August 31st. We’ll notify a winner by September 2nd.

Have fun and good luck!

[NOTE: Please take the survey rather than leaving comments on this post. Thanks!]


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  1. Bouke Timbermont Says:

    -A new AppleTV, rebranded iTV, will be launced, running an iOS variant and with a smaller HDD. This iTV has a smaller capcaity as it focusses more on the always-online aspect. To rpomote the iTV, Apple will also announce new offerings in the iTunes store: cheaper TV-episodes from most networks (99 cents/episode rentals), and from a few select networks, an all-you-can-view formula: paying a monthly fee to view ANY program of that network whenever you want, whenever you want.

    -The iPod Nano will be completely redone: as leaked pictures of cases suggest, it will be a small square sporting a small touchscreen. The ipod shuffle will be discontinued because this Nano is about the size of the second gen shuffle, and the current shuffle isn't a huge succes. Because the small-capacit, screenless shuffle leaves behind a small gap in consumer wishes, the Nano will be available in 2, 8 and 16 GB variations, and will come with earbuds with remote and mic. Probably no more camera.

    -The iPod touch will very much resemble the iPhone 4: there will be a 5MP/720p camera with LEDflash in the back, and facetime will be supported. Also, it of course comes with the retina display and an A4 CPU.
    The biggest surprise will be however, there will be 4 versions of the touch: 8,32, 64 and 160 GB. The last model will use the HDD currently used in the iPod classic. This touch will of course be thicker, but this allows apple to phase out the iPod classic.

    Both the nano and the touch will use iOS4, although the nano will have, very much like the new iTV, a slightly different version as the iPhone/iPad: the Nano will not support 3th aprty apps, Apple will however offer some of it's own apps to extend it's functionality.

    In effect, Apple will be ending anything non-iOS on it's non-Mac devices this September

    Also this means Apple is finally killing of the clickwheel. I expect Steve Jobs to focus on that for a moment.

    And now the crazy talk:
    -Apple releases an OSX-tablet with USB ports. Just to show everyone how tablets and mouse-based OSs jsut don't mix into a good product.
    -Apple buys Gizmodo and now every single day they have to publish at least one article about how wrong it is to steal.
    -Steve Jobs announces he has found a way to immortality. Stocks rise sky-high, as now we are assured of Stevenotes forever!

  2. @sidharthdassani Says:

    A new ipod touch with 2 cameras
    A new touch screen ipod nano without iOS support (dont want to cannibalize ipod touch)
    A new iTV which will have iOS
    A new itunes to support streaming videos
    iOS 4.1 for the iPad