Best Buy to Sell Tablets This Year–Yep, That's Plural!

By  |  Friday, August 20, 2010 at 9:37 pm

Forbes’ Elizabeth Woyke reports that Best Buy intends to have a variety of tablets in stock by the holidays–which means that it shouldn’t be too long until the iPad isn’t the only iPad-like device sold by the nation’s largest electronics retailer. I’m dying to know which models it expects to be available this year. Shawn Score, the Best Buy exec quoted in the story, isn’t naming names, but says there will be a “great selection.”

(Oddly enough, he also says “it won’t be 32”–which is precisely the number I rounded up last week.)



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  1. SLBear Says:

    Don't forget to boycott Best Buy and Target, for their political contributions to the far right wing. Do it for you LGBT brothers and sisters. It doesn't matter how cheap it is, you can get it cheaper online.
    Besides you'll have a lot more fun shopping at Fry's.

  2. Elizabeth Woyke Says:

    Hi Harry,
    You're right — Shawn mentioned your "iPadversaries" post during our interview and that led to the quote/reference to "32 tablets" in the story.