Windows Phone 7 Games List: A Complete Breakdown

By  |  Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at 9:21 am

As expected, Microsoft made a big announcement about Windows Phone 7 gaming this week, revealing the first wave of Xbox Live-enabled games that will be available at launch. The list includes 63 games, with more promised before Windows Phone 7’s holiday launch.

As I explained in my rundown of Windows Phone 7 gaming, these Xbox Live games will include achievements and leaderboards, and Microsoft says you can also try them before you buy. Not included in this lineup is the more open Windows Phone Marketplace, which won’t be curated by Microsoft and won’t have access to the Xbox features. Microsoft also didn’t say anything about the ability to play games across the phone, PC and Xbox 360.

Just how impressive is Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 gaming lineup? To find out, I made a big spreadsheet of every Xbox Live game announced, noting which ones are also available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre, PSP Minis, DSiWare and Flash. You be the judge of whether Microsoft’s flying out of the gate.

Among this first batch, Armor Valley and CarneyVale Showtime are currently Xbox Live Indie Games, the only two games of that kind to cross over from the console.

The * means that there’s a very similar Deal or No Deal game in the iPhone App Store, subtitled “Million Dollar Mission.” There’s also a Fast & Furious iPhone game by I-Play, without the number 7 appended.

Note that “MGS” stands for Microsoft Game Studio. You won’t definitely won’t find those games on other platforms.

Rocket Riot and Puzzle Quest 2 are proper Xbox Live Arcade games on the Xbox 360. Because most XBLA games were coded in a different language, I’m not sure whether existing owners of these games on Xbox 360 will enjoy cross-platform support. We’ll find out as Windows Phone 7’s holiday launch gets closer.



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  1. Tom B Says:

    Wow. I knew Android was useless for music, but it looks like they have no games (compared to the iPhone) either. Pretty sad platform.

    As for MSFT, this is one point in time. The iPhone, no doubt, has iPhone-only games, and will have more of the these listed titles, by the time the Win7 phone is released. (except for the MSG's, of course, unless MSFT suddenly decides selling software to other platforms (and making actual money) is good)

  2. Marcel Sorger Says:

    Are there any stats on what types of games are released?
    It might be that windows phone has significantly more shooters and thus caters more to hardcore gamers then the IPhone?
    And togheter with the playstation phone it might be that little new hardcore games will be released for the established platforms.