iPadversaries! 32 Tablets, Slates, Pads, and More

Get ready for the coming onslaught of rivals to Apple's tablet--it's going to get crazy.

By  |  Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 1:42 am

Lenovo “LePad”

Availability: Late 2010, although it’s not clear it’ll be sold anywhere but China
OS: Android
Screen size: Unknown (at least to me–I’m not positive that the photo here is of this particular Lenovo device)
Price: Unknown
What else: VentureBeat’s story on LePad mentions another Lenovo device whose fate is unclear–the U1, which is one-half netbook, one-half tablet. It’s not in this list because it has a physical keyboard.
More info: Here’s a Reuters story.

MSI WindPad 100

Availability: This year
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium with a “Wind Touch” interface layer
Screen size: 10″
Price: Approximately $499
What else: A photo of the side of the device at Trusted Reviews makes it look terrifyingly thick.
More info: Joanna Stern of Engadget shares some first impressions (“incredibly sluggish”).

MSI WindPad 110

Availability: This year, or possibly never, depending on which MSI employee you ask
OS: Android 2.1
Screen size: 10″
Price: $399?
What else: As you can see from the photos, the industrial design is different from MSI’s Windows-based WindPad 100.
More info: TweakTown has a video hands-on.

Marvell “Moby” Tablet

Availability: This year
OS: Android
Screen size: I’m not sure (and it might vary)
Price: Starting at $99
What else: This isn’t a specific product–it’s Marvell’s reference design for extremely low-cost tablets which will be built by other companies using Marvell chips. The company hopes resulting products will be affordable enough for use by public schools.
More info: Hey, I was the first person to write about Moby (although at the time I didn’t know the code name or the $99 price point).

Motorola-Verizon TV tablet

Availability: Fall 2010 or next year, depending on who you believe; neither Motorola nor Verizon has acknowledged its existence
OS: Android (possibly version 3.0 “Gingerbread”)
Screen size: 10″
Price: Unknown
What else: The Financial Times has reported that it will be thinner and lighter than the iPad and will sport two cameras.
More info: BGR has also reported on the device.

Nefonie WeTab

Availability: September?
OS: Linux (unless that’s really Windows 7 under there)
Screen size: 11.6″
Price: Apparently around $580
What else: This German iPadversary’s custom user interface places advertising widgets on the desktop which you can’t remove.
More info: It may not be for sale yet, but it already has its own Wikipedia entry, and that’s a start.

Notion Ink Adam

Availability: Possibly this year
OS: Android
Screen size: Unknown
Price: Unknown
What else: The Adam is from India, was demoed at CES back in January, boasts an individualistic industrial design, and will be available in a version with Pixel Qi’s innovative screen technology, which can work in backlit and non-backlit modes. But the Notion Ink site has few details and the whole project has a slightly vaporous feel at the moment.
More info: Slashgear went behind the scenes at Notion Ink.


Availability: 2012, in theory
OS: Linux with a next-generation version of the Sugar user interface, I’d imagine
Screen size: The device itself is 8.5″ by 11″ and all screen (and 1.4″ thick)
Price: They’re shooting for $75
What else: This isn’t an iPad rival–it’s a successor to the “$100 laptop” (which costs more than $100) for kids in developing nations. It’s also not a sure thing, considering that the OLPC Foundation showed off an OLPC 2.0 concept in 2008, then decided not to build it. Nicholas Negroponte describes the XO 3.0 as “aspirational,” which I assume is a code-word for “this is a cool concept which we hope we can build by the time 2012 rolls around.”
More info: XO 3.0 is years from intended production, but the OLPC press release already says it’s a breakthrough advance.

Onkyo Windows Slate

Availability: This year
OS: Windows 7
Screen size: Unknown
Price: Unknown
What else: Waitaminnit, I thought Onkyo made stereo equipment! Turns out it makes computing devices, too–and it was mentioned in Steve Ballmer’s slide about 2010 Windows 7 slate PCs.

Panasonic Windows Slate

Availability: This year
OS: Windows 7
Screen size: Unknown
Price: Unknown
What else: Another Ballmer-slide slate. When it comes to traditional PCs, Panasonic specializes in extra-durable ToughBook laptops; maybe this will turn out to be the ToughPad.

RIM “BlackPad”

Availability: Supposedly November
OS: Presumably BlackBerry OS
Screen size: Apparently similar to the iPad’s 9.7″
Price: Allegedly $499
What else: RIM isn’t talking, but Bloomberg seems pretty sure of a bunch of details.
More info: I said that the BlackPad will presumably run RIM’s own BlackBerry OS. But there’s scuttlebutt that it runs Android–which doesn’t seem like a completely nutty idea.

Samsung Windows Slate

Availability: This year
OS: Windows 7
Screen size: Unknown
Price: Unknown
What else: Samsung is another company mentioned in Steve Ballmer’s slide on upcoming Windows tablets. With so many supposedly on the way, it’ll be fascinating to see how much room the manufacturers have to give any specific WinSlate much personality of its own. For what it’s worth, Samsung makes some nifty netbooks.

Sony Windows Slate

Availability: This year
OS: Windows 7
Screen size: Unknown
Price: Unknown
What else: Another Ballmer-slide slate. All things being equal, shouldn’t Sony have as good or better a chance as any company of building a tablet that could compete with the iPad in terms of raw industrial-design polish?

“The $35 Indian Tablet”

Availability: Mid-2011
OS: Linux. Or maybe Android.
Screen size: Unknown (at least to me)
Price: Um, $35? In theory, they might eventually cost ten bucks apiece.
What else: The device is the pet project of Indian Minister for HR Development Kapil Sibal and is meant for use in schools in that country. The host of a tech TV show there pronounced it “fairly impressive.”
More info: Our own Jared Newman is inexplicably skeptical about this product and the intended price point.

Toshiba Libretto W100

Availability: This month
OS: Windows 7
Screen size: Like the eDGe, it’s a dualie–it has two 7″ color LCD touchscreens (the bottom one can display content or a keyboard)
Price: $1100
What else: Toshiba isn’t pitching this new model in its venerable Libretto line as an iPad killer. Instead, it says it’s a concept PC which shows off technologies that might become common in future machines.
More info: Here’s Toshiba’s own write-up of the W100.

Toshiba Windows Slate

Availability: This year
OS: Windows 7
Screen size: Unknown
Price: Unknown
What else: Yes, another slate from Ballmer’s presentation. Toshiba is one of the few companies left that still offers a full complement of Windows-based Tablet PCs.

Okay, that’s enough for now, although I could go on. (Steve Ballmer’s slide mentioned ten more Windows slates that are supposedly on the way, mostly from Asian suppliers.)

Are you genuinely excited by any of these? Do you think any will be breakout hits? If I were Steve Jobs, I wouldn’t be rattled by by of them, although  details are so scant on many that it’s impossible to form an opinion, period.

I already mentioned that I found the Cisco Cius intriguing; Notion Ink’s Adam also stands out from the pack. I’m itching to learn details about HP’s WebOS device. And I remain extremely skeptical about Windows 7 as a tablet operating system–but I’m willing to be pleasantly surprised…




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  1. Chris Gait Says:

    The Entourage Edge is badly implemented, but if Amazon takes up the idea, e-ink on one side linked to an internet tablet on the other, it will be a serious competitor. As you read on the e-ink side an a/i search program finds links to follow on the tablet side. The perfect textbook.

  2. mushipkw Says:

    WOW, excellent researched post.

  3. EtienneK Says:

    Where's the Meego tablets?

  4. Dave P Says:

    There are also tablets in the high end price range that are available now. For the extra money you get an active digitizer and faster processor which makes Windows tablet features sing. Panasonic has the H1 as part of their Toughbook line. Motion Computing has several models.

    Lastly, don't forget another mini tablet, the Viliv S5, also available now. From the front it's Archos 5/Dell Streak sized but it's an inch thick to handle an x86 processor, disk drive, and Windows.

  5. Nastyatak Says:

    Attention Archos case there are some errors.

    You do not speak of "Archos 5" but of the Archos 5 Internet Tablet. Only the latter is under Android, there are two different products.

    You do not mention the "Archos 7" but of the Archos 7 Home Tablet.
    Only the latter is under Android, there are two different products.

    Archos 5 and Archos Gen 6 7 =
    Archos 5 and Archos 7 IT HT = Gen 7

  6. steve Says:

    iPad is so far ahead of the rest it ain't funny. by the time these get to market Apple may release the MacPad running full OS X and blow them all away

  7. steve Says:

    Seriously. Why don't these companies ever just take their time and release quality products? There is no other way to succeed. Why do they bother spending all this money on hype and presenting concept products when the whole planet knows they'll never deliver a quality product? All that marketing money and cost building prototypes is just wasted because they honestly decide to make a product that works. How can you shit all over Apple for not offering Flash and then have Flash on your device render it completely unusable? How can you ignore absolutely basic user experience in favor of adding a whack of extra features? How can people use the features if they can't easily use the device? Why don't these companies realize this yet? Who buys crap from these companies?

    There will never(ever(ever)) be a 'killer' response to any Apple product until there is at least one other company in consumer electronics that understands what is important as well as Apple does.

  8. SteveWebb Says:

    It took Apple five+ years to develop the iPad. I imagine it would take five+ years – starting from scratch – to come up with something better. No one wants to give Apple a 100 million unit head start, so they are all cutting corners [cough]copying[/cough] to catch up.

  9. Chris J. Says:

    Apple will likely always have the edge on overall quality – but personally I'm willing to deal with a less stellar user experience in order to have a device that gives me a little more control. It's a trade-off, nothing more. I want Flash on my tablet. I want Adobe Air and Microsoft Silverlight (Netflix). I just do.

    Ultimately, I'm grateful that Apple sets the bar so high, but not SO grateful that I'm willing to concede that they're the ONLY company who should be allowed to produce a certain device.

    For example – is Android as good as iOS? Hell, no. Is it close enough for me? Hell, yes.

  10. MikeFM Says:

    The problem for the competition is that as soon as control becomes a real selling point Apple can fix it with a simple OS update. It's a lot more work to make the competition not suck. I'm a developer and I can't really say there is much that iOS doesn't let me do that I'd like to do. Possibly hack on the OS itself but how many people want to do that? Run warez maybe. Make bad decisions like installing Flash and Silverlight so they can run complete crap and see their device sucked into the void.

    My bet is that Apple already has a plan to make iDevices more open – when the timing is right for them. I'd guess it may be tied to a iWork-like release of Xcode for iPad. I think they are waiting until they get all their dominos set up first as they need to get users to accept certain non-PC ways of doing things better before they hand over the keys.

  11. Cam Says:

    The technology has been around a lot longer than you think. All apple did was make a beautiful (and limited) interface and eliminate some functionality. The iPad is no tablet. The tablets I've seen (excluding most of the above) seem really well done, even the Win7 ones. The ones I look at focus on productivity, such as the ability to run multiple programs and have some 'creative freedom'. Ultimately, these tablets will be more useful than the an iPad. Plain and simple.

    The iPad by far is no replacement for a pc or mac book, its basically just a big iTouch:] Beautiful, but nothing that extraordinary. Hopefully, in a year or so, a next gen iPad or these tablets you put down so quickly will get some recognition.

  12. Erik E Says:

    Sounds like someone who never used an iPad before. I own one, and it think it silly how people keep comparing it to full blown OS's. It shines at what it does because it is not running a full blown OS like OS X or WIndows 7. Sure that gives certain tradeoffs. For software development or creating document consisting of graphics composed in several different apps and combined, the iPad sucks. But when you are in consumption mode: browsing, reading email, reading an e-book or watching a movie, or playing a game, the iPad blows away the competition.

  13. @explodingwalrus Says:

    There won't be a MacPad

  14. jobsLastLegs Says:

    ipad is only ahead if you're a retard and don't really need a computer. have fun with your Fischer Price toy.

  15. Nastyatak Says:

    The two photos of Archos products are not good.

    take a look at ww.archos.com

  16. jameskatt Says:

    Ho hum…. Another round of iPad killers. Ho hum….

  17. lapster Says:

    What about the Viliv X10?

  18. kelz Says:

    I know it kinda defeats your premise, but you really should have stuck with products that you can purchase (like Archos, Toshiba) or that have been formally announced by the manufacturers (no Steve Ballmer PR crap) or that are true iPad competitors (eleiminates $35 Indian tablet and XO). Yes, this really hacks down your list, but it would give a truer representation of the competitive space.

  19. Harmony Says:

    I disagree. To those of us considering getting a tablet, a collection that includes upcoming devices is useful. There's too much to trawl through at the moment.

  20. bob e Says:

    Nice post Harry, bring em on.
    I'll be picking up one of the WIn7 models myself when they finally arrive. I don't know why, I guess I need some new tech.

  21. Christopher Says:

    Why no slatedroid tablets?

    There's lots available right now.

    Eken M00* (pretty awful)
    Pandora Digital Novel (Android 2.0)
    and others.

  22. Scott Says:

    I’m still blown away by the Nokia Internet Tablets, the Nokia 770, n800, n810 and the n900 phone. (released from 2006 onwards)

    Can you list another Internet tablet on the market that’s just a bit chunkier than an iPhone with an 800×480 display, phenomenal WiFi range, great multi-tasking abilities, GPS & FM radio built in, great battery life (6 hours with two year old batteries), WiFi and rootable?

    I regularly use this to watch movies/television, listen to audiobooks/music, web browse using Firefox, take notes/doodle, instant message, Skype, torrent, remote desktop to Windows servers and desktops, VNC over SSH for desktop access to Linux systems, read huge PDF manuals, script Bash, Python and Perl, and compile C, C++, Java, etc… (And that’s just what is on my quick-launch menu.)

    Best of all, it cost me $160 CAD for an n800 with 64 GB of storage. (2x32GB SDHC)!

  23. Jehangir Says:

    Notion Ink Adam ???
    The one to rule them all!

  24. Wade Says:

    The Windows 7 tablets will be nice if the batteries hold out. The touch interface in Windows 7 works but is only "adquate"… but remember, the browsers in Windows actually work. Firefox 4 has multi-touch support; so does IE8 for that matter (it pinch zooms and all) and IE9's coming around the horn. No Chrome tablets?

  25. Clockwork Says:

    There is a price and some more info on release. and there has always been a screen size available for the Notion Ink Adam. You must not have bothered to read the articles, because the second part of that slashgear article links most of the inof, except the screen size, which is clearly stated on their website.

  26. Alex Says:

    You left out the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  27. Dr. H. S. Mallik Says:

    Lovely..need even more tablets!

  28. Jeff Says:

    The Pandigital Novel is an Android based e-reader, works great as an inexpensive tablet. Can be had for about 150.

  29. Steevo Says:

    I'm terribly surprised that the Samsung Galaxy Tape is not here. Other than some Youtubes and articles, where is it? I hear this supposed 'Ipad killer' it runs on Android, is actually out (but not in shops). Anyone has more info do let us know.

  30. Harry McCracken Says:

    I should have included the Galaxy. Maybe I'll do a follow-up story with it and others not included here….

  31. Tom Cisco Says:

    Honestly though, I can't really say that Samsung has a beat on IPad. That is really hard to beat and most people who have an IPad would say that hands down.

  32. mediven socks Says:

    No I would have to disagree with you Tom. There are some benefits to having a non-apple tablet.

  33. Alex Says:

    Can’t someone like Asus mix a UL30VT form factor with the T101MT touch screen and rotation/tablet-mode ?
    That’d be a perfect hybrid…

    Those tablets really are pointless unless they become disposable sub 100$ devices made for very simple kitchen/TV schedule/small reading tasks.

  34. Serhiy Says:

    EtienneK I agree… where are the Meego tablets!!!??? I want a real OS in my tablet not some cheap imitation… and no I don't want Windows so that it can crawl slower Vista on a netbook.

    And yes Scott the Nokia N800, though being 3 years old, is still miles ahead of most of these Android/WebOS tablets… I'm not even going to compare the iPad as it's nothing more than a gadget for a niche market… and although a big, profitable niche… still… it won't be able to retain even 5% of the tablet market.

    I'm sure the Window tablets have the hardware specs and real OS capabilities but what good is that when most of the resources will probably go towards running the bloated OS…

    In any case I'm not buying a tablet till it's a solid Meego one, till then my phone (N900) will more than suffice for my mobile internet needs…

    My advice to any fiscally responsible consumer… WAIT

    Wait for the first round of tablets to pass… 1st generation products are often very lacking compared to the next generation. As many of the shortcomings the consumers complain about often get smoothed out by the next product… except iOS 4… haha… that was an awfully buggy release…

    Anyways… Meego IS the future of tablet computing… so have some patience and let them do their thing. However if you must get a tablet now I would actually advise Windows… as that's the only available option where you're not buying a gadget with an expiration date.

    If you're rich with money to waste, feel free disregard anything I've said.

  35. @heatlesssun Says:

    Quote from your article, "Toshiba is one of the few companies left that still offers a full complement of Windows-based Tablet PCs."

    Hmmm. HP? Lenovo? Fujistu? Asus? MSI? Dell? Yeah, so few companies sell convertiable tablets.

    Windows 7 is gonna rule them all in sales folks, maybe even the iPad. The touch interface is underated, works great overall and you can use your existing software and hardware. Got a HP tm2. Pre-ordered a W100 and will get the Exo which if you had done your research you would now that the screen is MUCH improved over the one in that dated review.

  36. Stream Direct Says:

    i wanna advice that ….
    Wait for the first round of tablets to pass… 1st generation products are often very lacking compared to the next generation. As many of the shortcomings the consumers complain about often get smoothed out by the next product..

  37. Haris D. Says:

    you are right ,sir…

  38. @angelparti Says:

    Alternativas al iPad.. .https://www.technologizer.com/2010/08/12/ipad-alternatives/

  39. Brett D Says:

    What about the Hanvon B10C – I ran it against an iPad and it well and truely held it's own. Battery life is well down (3.6 hours) but HDMI, USB etc make up for that – and it plays flash!

  40. Tuned In Says:

    This article really missed what I think is the most important iPad competitor out their…. the 10" ePad or aPad coming out of China, available on EBay for around $240 delivered! It runs Android 2.1 (a real OS), has a 10" Screen, real USB ports along with real memory slots, and a real processor (Base on ZT-180 ARM A8 1GHz CPU),!!!!! Size is nearly identical to iPad. (They needed to make it slightly thicker for the real USB ports- Think additional 1 or 2mm). This is 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of an iPad and is actually usable. Twice the value of any of the "pads" on this list! (Resistive touch screen not as good though.)

    On EBay search : "apad 10"

  41. Hamranhansenhansen Says:

    You will have to buy 20 of these to get 2 years of 10 hour per day use, so they are no bargain.

    Not sure if you're implying the iPadversaries are not "real" or that iPad is not "real," but if it's iPad then that is hilarious because you're promoting a KIRF iPad. Literally a counterfeit iPad.

  42. yk4ever Says:

    What about SmartQ??? http://en.smartdevices.com.cn/Products/V7/200912/

  43. nota willing Says:

    you talk about competitors to the ipad but it would have been good if you had reminded people that the crunchpad did all the running. http://techcrunch.com/2009/11/30/crunchpad-end/ It should have been first to market at the start of this year. Yes Aplle would have stomped on it, but it was techcrunch that created the product category and wetted our appetites. It's sad that they got royally XXXXXXX

  44. Hamranhansenhansen Says:

    It's iPhone and iPod touch that created the product category. iPad is just a scaled-up version. People were asking for a big iPod touch since 3 days after it shipped in 2007.

    CrunchPad/JooJoo is a netbook with no keyboard, it has Intel inside, it is by no means a mobile PC like iPad, which is less than half the size and weight and double the battery life.

    And either way, you get credit for shipping, not hyping.

  45. Douglas Says:

    The iPad 2 should be included in this lineup, since it will probably come out before many of them, and will probably be better too.

  46. Manto4 Says:

    The EXOPC is the one to watch – by this time next week, there should be more than a handful of NEW reviews on the web

  47. Dreamcat Says:

    Your info for the EXOPC is a bit out of date.
    On the EXOPC forum, the company has shown video of a newer and better screen than Engadget had their hands on with. (much much better viewing angle)
    They've also announced their Canadian distributor, as Ciara-Tech, who will release the slate as the Ciara-Tech EXO-1. With news that partners for the other regions will be announced soon!
    Personally, I am looking for a full desktop OS slate, preferably Win7 Premium/Ultimate.
    For the price and features, I haven't found one that beats the EXOPC.
    Plus, that proprietary UI layer and app store that comes with it gives you the best of the Win7 world and an iPad style experience.
    …and can you say FLASH and SILVERLIGHT? 🙂

  48. dyxos Says:

    You're a bit late, EXO-PC has improved its display since last "review". So far this is the most promising option for a productivity-oriented tablet.
    Plus there is a great team behind this product with an awesome support. Many tablets projetcts are vaporware but the EXO will hit the market in september for canada, named EXO-1.

  49. @piplzchoice Says:

    It is interesting how low is the customer satisfaction with the tablets that are already selling. A lot of customers complain about Reliability and Support for these devices. I have published here a http://www.scribd.com/full/35842720?access_key=ke… detailed report based on analysis of the customer reviews. If you interested in verbatim, you can find it on our site http://www.amplifiedanalytics.com.

  50. Name Here Says:

    I am very excited about the ExoPC, it is going to be available in mid-September. I will purchase one the very moment they are available. This is the one I have been waiting for, for many years.

  51. Kisai Says:

    I don't really see any of these taking off. Remember PDA's? PDA's main failing points before they merged into the "smartphone" were that they had short battery life, no connectivity (My PDA got most of it's use as a GPS until I acquired an N95, which does that too,) tiny screens and no keyboard. If you all remember there were several different "platforms" for WindowsCE and then there was Palm. They're all gone.

  52. rebel Says:

    They all try to be something they will never equal in quality and fun quotient — the iPad.

  53. M.C. Says:

    What about the academia-targeted Kno? That one looks interesting…

  54. Michael Says:

    Best buy rocketish:

    "nine inches or thereabouts?"

    -That's what she said

  55. Marty Says:

    A company named “Always Innovating” was advertising a tablet for pre-sale well before the iPad was announced. Based on a TI OMAP chip, it had some very interesting features like internal USB ports and a keyboard option that could turn it into a laptop (the brain is behind the screen, not under the keys.) Doesn’t look like they made it to volume production – too bad one of the companies mentioned in this article didn’t buy them and bring it to market.


  56. Hamranhansenhansen Says:

    USB and keyboard support is universal, not very interesting.

  57. Wind Says:

    Although this is a nice list you missed one important small player.

    I have been carrying and using my Viliv S5 for over a year. It shipped with Windows XP and I updated it to Win 7 upon release. Viliv had drivers built based on the Beta ready to go when Win 7 shipped.

    The unit is a 4.8" 1024×600 touch screen, Intel atom with 1 gig, and a 60 gb HD, built in Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS. Since I got mine they added newer models with 3G on board. It also runs MS Office and replaced my separate GPS for use on the road.

    When the IPad came out I looked at it and it has a ways to go to catch up to Viliv. The S5 is basically a touch screen netbook that weighs less than a pound. You should check it out to compare with these reviews.

  58. Hamranhansenhansen Says:

    I reject the idea that a 4.8-inch or 5-inch device is a tablet. If it is, then why were people asking for an "Apple tablet" 2 years after iPod touch? When Dell introduced Streak at D, the guy called it a tablet and the audience laughed. A tablet is a full-size device, not a pocket device.

    I think your Viliv has a ways to go to catch up with iPhone.

  59. Martin Lee Says:

    The Augen Gentouch seems like a good pick for the price! Too bad that is currently has lots of issues to be resolved! http://www.augengentouch.com/updates-on-the-next-

  60. Charbax Says:

    The correct names for the first two are Archos 5 Internet Tablet and Archos 7 Home Tablet, the pictures you are using are of the two year old IMT line which were not yet using Android OS but only some embedded Linux, Archos has been making embedded linux tablets since 2004 with the PMA400 series.

  61. Charbax Says:

    The first version of the OLPC XO-3 will be showcased before January next year, look up the last announcements by Nicholas Negroponte and Marvell as Moby is the first prototype of that tablet.

  62. tron33 Says:

    Low cost Eken Tablet have lots of support at slatedroid.com and 8" screen sporting 800×600 resolution, WIFI, speaker/mic, real USB port, microSD slot, looking awesome is the Eken M003 tablet. For $130 can't be beat!

  63. primaklima Says:

    Android Tablet Camangi WebStationWS171 http://www.hardworkingbee.com/2010/07/07/test-and

  64. primaklima Says:

    or Tablet/Touch-Book AI http://www.hardworkingbee.com/2010/07/03/tablet-t

  65. Hamranhansenhansen Says:

    If you include 1st quarter 2011, don't forget iPad 2.

  66. Hamranhansenhansen Says:

    If anything, the apps are more important on a full-size device. iPad is not just a mobile browser, it's a mobile PC.

  67. fjpoblam Says:

    If Lenovo were to move LePad into U.S. market quickly, I think they could overwhelm this niche. They'd have our $vote$.

  68. apetra Says:

    iPad is 'ahead'? From a marketing point of view, OK. But it's remarkable how retrograde a product the iPad is. Simple (rather awful) LCD panel technology, so low resolution that even the Kindle … the *KINDLE* … beats it in pixels. Single-tasker, akin to early Windows 1.0. Simple iPod touch operating system, upsized. Rushed to market. Plus, when Apple comes out with it's 2.0 product to compete with the wave of better engineered and designed products coming, it will alienate badly all its early adopters. This will be much bloodier than the price cut on the first Apple iPhone. Interesting days ahead. I can't wait to see what HP does with WebOS. It would be hilarious if HP uses its well establish and eminently enforceable trademark to call it the iPaq. I can just see the ads, rotating the d, upgrade to iPaq!

  69. jkm Says:

    I *just* gave up patiently waiting for iPad 2.0 because I wanted a high quality book reader with bonus functionality.

    My requirements are: 1) good PDF reader for tech books and 2) Kindle app (Amazon is where I make most of my purchases). Even though the iPad lacks a higher resolution, front facing camera, and microphone, it is still worth every penny. iOS4 and multi-tasking due any month now, right? The build quality is superb.

    Everyone I know who has an iPad loves it, and I'm pretty sure a majority will sell their old iPad and purchase the new one. I will, assuming my wife doesn't get too upset.

    The iPaq w/ WebOS could be interesting assuming the build quality is 100x better than the Pre, but the Pre app market is kind of lame. HP could influence some positive change there, but right now I think HP is floundering w/ the whole Mark Hurd scandal.

  70. Musa Abu Ayyoub Says:

    You forgot the most promising of them all the Notion Ink Adam.
    Cheaper than the Ipad, more innovative, better specs and the PixelQi display blows every one of these junk ipad rippoffs out of the water. In my opinion it's the only tablet worthy to compete with the Ipad.

  71. yangchu Says:

    Tbh, I think they all look kinda unimpressive. I'm waiting for a really good Android-based tablet, but every one of these apart from the Dell Streak is using a version lower than 2.2, and they're all going to have their proprietary crapware. And I've very little faith in Windows-based tablets, too – at least until Microsoft manages to prove me wrong with their mobile OS, but I doubt that. So I guess I feel Apple's the best at the moment, but as apetra points out, it doesn't even multi-task, and I personally think it's way too expensive.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that we're a while away off from tablets becoming mass market, despite what some Apple zealots will say to the contrary.

  72. TEK Says:

    It's just a list. How about specs of each device in a a grid format or a comparison view? Otherwise, this is just really a list of names. A good portion of which -at this point- are pure speculation.

  73. Harry McCracken Says:

    Specs would be good, but they, too, would be speculation for many (most?) of these devices at this point–in general they haven't been announced. But I may come back and add them later…

  74. sevenez Says:


  75. David Says:

    I noticed a couple of common threads tp the comments
    1) iPad is a toy, not real computer. Hmmm. Watch movies. Browse web. Read ebooks, create Excel, word, and PowerPoint documents. Play games. Listen to music. Run a vnc client. Email. Import and edit pictures. Zip files. And so on.

    2)numerous tablets are and have been out for as many as three years that blow the iPad away. Hmmmmm. Why haven’t they sold? Why haven’t THEY gained the market penetration of the iPad?

    3)there is this or that tablet right around the corner. It is an iPad killer. … I will believe it when I see it

    4)iPad users are moronic idiots. I have been using computers since the Vic-20. I have also had a Timex Sinclair, Commodore 64, Trs80 CoCo, Atari 800, xt, on up to modern machines. I have written programs in Basic, VB, C#, Java. I have worked with databases and written SQL queries. I have run Dos, win 3.1, 95, 98, nt, 2000, xp, vista, Linux of various flavors, and even Sun’s OS. I think I am qualified to evaluate the iPad. It is as transformative as the Lisa/Mac was. Am I happy with some of the shortcomings? No, I am not. It is the limited access to the filesystem that bothers me.

    So debate the real issues and stop the childish snide comments.

  76. Serhiy Says:

    Hello David

    1) Everything you described I could do on my T-mobile Dash back in 2006… and I never considered it a real computer… it was a gadget…

    2) They were made for techies… doctors… or other niche markets… many still are… If you’re referring to the Nokia N### line of products, dunno Nokia ****ed up… not gonna lie… they probably didn’t market them very well as they probably didn’t expect a big market for them. I really don’t know where they went wrong… but I didn’t even hear about their N### line of products till the N900 here in the states… that’s when I bought one…

    More popular also doesn’t always make something better… it’s all about marketing to the masses… I mean do you agree that pop culture, MTV shows and pop music is the highest quality of music and television we can strive to simply because of it’s popularity? Watch the show BBC Extras for a funny show about playing it up to the “thick” crowd.

    3) Meego is not the iPad killer… Meego is the bar setter for the next generation of mobile computing. Pads, cars, phones, TVs, netbooks… but it is not the iPad killer, as I mentioned, the iPad will always retain it’s niche market, thus it’ll never die…

    4) I don’t think most people consider iPad users moronic idiots… most just see them fall into one of two categories:
    a) financially well-off with a fair amount of disposable income
    b) not very fiscally responsible consumers (if they’re not financially well of)

    As far as debating real issues… yes lets… what was the point of your geek history resume? It was your thickest paragraph… and holds no rhetoric what so ever. When debating a position please use rhetoric and not your geek creds to try and prove a point…

  77. Pat Says:

    Thanks for listing this many iPad alternatives though I would most likely keep my iPad over those. 🙂

  78. Byron Says:

    The Exo is the most useful and economical of the lot here. The W100 the most unique. Should have my W100 Friday and I'll be getting the Exo when it becomes available.

  79. Bren Says:

    I am sold on the ExoPc.
    It is worth a quick search for some great video’s of it in use. Also a fantastic groundswell occurring at Exopc.com.

    This is the one to watch!

  80. Bill Ross Says:

    Do you get a phone number with the Streak? If so, I'm in. If not, I'm still waiting.

  81. FrancisV Says:

    Thanks for this fairly exhaustive and detailed listing. But, apparently, Belgium is too small a country, so you oversaw the already marketed Dune and LPN One Tablets.

    The smallissh LPN company foresaw but a mere 3000 units in their businessplan and sold the first batch of 500 in a mere… 40 minutes (remember, this is only petite Belgium and no marketing).

    The Dune has a 10.2" 1024*600 multitouch screen over a "better"… Netbook body (ATOM N450, swappable 160 GB HD, 2 GB Mem, 3 USB, 1.3 Webcam, RJ45), has a WiFi n/3G module, a card/reader, operates under Win7 or Linux (Android under developpement) and sells from €500 ($640).

    The LPN One is basicaly the same, but no multitouch, 1 GB of RAM and no 3G on board (but available). The HD can be swapped for a 250GB or a 16/32 GB SSD and 1 GB Mem added. Priced from €425 ($544). Stock… 1 unit!

  82. 中国绍兴 Says:


  83. Michiel van Geel Says:

    yay, just what we need… another computer to carry around. There's a really cheap way to make a tablet PC: Make a touchscreen display that can use WiFi to communicate with any device. With the new generation of smartphones we already carry computers in our pockets that are perfectly able to do this. What's more, if you come home you can use it as a remote on your TV, change the lighting and such through your domotica-system or remotely turn on your microwave. The possibilities are endsless. If you use LiquaVista display technology you might be able to produce these things as cheap as 25$ per unit or less. As usual the technology is there, you just need to make the right combination.

  84. Bkvyd mil Says:

    iPad need the right competitor

  85. Ricardo Says:

    I stil prefer the iPad nano. It has everything the iPad has, but smaller so I can carry it on my pocket. To top that it has a camera and can make and receive phone calls. 🙂

  86. Lipe123 Says:

    Well the first problem here is that even if there was a android/windows7 tablet out right now that could print money, make coffee and also be very good in bed; everyone would still cream themselves over those stupid ipads.
    I mean seriously, ipad = big itouch – I REALLY don't get what the big deal is all about.

    Even the worst win7/android devices are already on par and beyond the ipad but just because they are not white and dont have a little apple sign on them everyone thinks they are useless.

  87. Paul Says:

    Don't get too excited about the Cisco Cius. They're just reselling the OpenPeak product to drive more HD video on the net so that everyone will have to upgrade switches and routers. If OpenPeak fails to deliver or it doesn't drive enough HD video calls they will drop it quickly.

  88. alan Says:

    here come the SLOW coaches!

  89. Mark Says:

    Steve Jobs is very excited about the possibility of suing each one of these manufacturers for patent infringement.

  90. Serhiy Says:

    Please approve my reply to David… I didn't know refuting someone's points was a filterable offense…

  91. Serhiy Says:

    Hmm… that's odd… this went up right away… is it only reply's that get filtered…and if so is David the one filtering them? or is it technologizer…?

  92. narendra Says:

    I have not read your blog because I am angry with you. why are you calling ipad-alternatives ? These android tablets are far superior then the ipad device. Use smartpad or any generic term.

  93. David Says:

    What? No mention of any of the SmartQ devices? http://en.smartdevices.com.cn
    The V7 comes with Android, Linux and WinCE – recent upgrades have taken it to Android 2.1! OK, so it doesn’t have a accelerometers, but I manage to survive without them.

  94. Stuie Says:

    Thanks for showing me what the rest of the world deludes themselves into thinking are viable alternatives to the iPad. I appreciate my iPad sooo much better now.
    Posted from my iPad

  95. pcguyinthesky Says:

    Could this one be #33? http://NetbookNavigator.com/

    They are selling like crazy on eBay, and the reviews have all been 100% positive so far… wonder how it was missed? Their seller name is "netbooknavigator" on eBay.

    You can see it on display at Intel's booth at Computex 2010 here:

  96. Steve Pearsall Says:

    There are a bunch of android tablets shipping now available on ebay that aren’t listed in this review. Just search ebay for “android table” to see what I mean. They range in price from $89 to around $250. The expensive ones are running Android 2.1 with 1.2 Ghz processors. The cheap ones run Android 1.6 or 1.7 and have 600 mhz processors. They all appear to be sold directly by the factories that make them in China. FWIW

  97. Mike H Says:

    These tablet manufacturers need to realize that being late to the party means they need to price their tablets cheaper than the iPad in order to compete. If a company can make a computer with comparable performance to a Mac for half the price, they should be able to make a tablet for half the price of an iPad

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  102. Simon Day Says:

    I have just purchased the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and i think its better that the ipad 1 and 2.
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