What Will Google Announce This Thursday?

By  |  Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 12:17 am

On this Thursday at 10am PT, Google will be holding an event at its San Francisco offices to announce “a couple of cool new mobile features.”  Kara Swisher wonders if the news will involve FaceTime-like video calling. [UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: She said sources said the event wouldn’t involve such news, but said it should.] I lean very slightly towards thinking it won’t, for one non-definitive reason: Every event I’ve been to at Google SF has been in a smallish event with a smallish number of media representatives. (In fact, the invite for this one calls it “a small press gathering.”) Video calling sounds like a big deal that would merit a major unveiling at the Googleplex in Mountain View.

Whatever happens, I’ll be there–and I’ll blog the news it happens. Join me at https://www.technologizer.com/googlemobile for live Technologizer coverage of the event, won’t you?

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  1. teknoinfo Says:

    From what I understand, the last event like this Google presented “Navigation”
    Maybe there will be something big:-)