You Mean Gmail Helps You Nuke Duplicate Contacts?

By  |  Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 3:30 pm

Louis Gray has the scoop on Google’s revamped version of the Contacts section of Gmail. I’m most excited about an existing feature Louis mentions which I somehow didn’t know about: a tool for merging duplicate contacts: Both my personal and business Gmail accounts are overrun by dupes, in part because syncing Gmail contacts with other address books usually seems to create phantom records.

The merge feature isn’t perfect. It doesn’t weed out every dupe–even after I ran it, I was left with two records for guys named “Harry McCracken”–and you might be left with records which include both current e-mail addresses and obsolete ones. But it’s still way more fast and pleasant than wading through hundreds of contacts and pruning out duplicates yourself. And for me, it’s a reminder that any software feature you don’t know about is a new feature…


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  1. Ryan Says:

    I love this feature… I just used it the other day to help me clean out my gmail contacts when I was synching them with my iPhone. The only thing I found that it didn't catch was when you have "Bob Smith" and "Smith, Bob".

  2. megan Says:

    I use this with to remove my duplicates across all email addresses