AT&T U-Verse iPhone App Allows TV Viewing

By  |  Monday, August 9, 2010 at 1:17 pm

AT&T has launched an app which would allow U-Verse customers to schedule programs for recording on their DVRs as well as downloading and watching programming on their iPhone. While satellite TV provider Dish had announced last week that it was developing a Sling-based iPhone app that would allow for similar functionality, AT&T is the first to actually release one.

A Wi-Fi connection would be needed to download the programming, as obviously these files would be too big to download over 3G. The app and its use would be free, but would require a U300 package or higher, the company said. To entice users to subscribe, new U-Verse customers would receive a $75 iTunes gift card upon registration.

There is a caveat to downloading, it appears. AT&T selects the content from which you can download, which only includes select networks. Thus, the programs available may not necessarily match those that are recorded on your DVR. In this case, Dish’s planned app seems to be the better deal.

BlackBerry users, don’t fret: AT&T plans to offer a version of its app compatible with the upcoming BlackBerry Torch, due out on the company’s wireless arm on August 12. In addition, iPad support would also be available once AT&T can work out the content deals with the various content providers, it said.



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