iPhone Manufacturing Head Leaves Apple

By  |  Saturday, August 7, 2010 at 4:11 pm

Apple manufacturing honcho Mark Papermaster leaving the company obviously has nothing to do with the iPhone antenna–I mean, it’s better than the antenna on other smartphones. Right?


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  1. caustic Says:

    How does it feel to know you've destroyed someone's career with a bunch of overblown hype? Nice going, you and the rest of the tech "media".

  2. NanoGeek Says:

    Technologizer and especially Mr. McCracken were much fairer than the rest of the media was. He didn't emediately jump on the Apple hating bandwagon like some did. It's unfair to blame him.

  3. Guest Says:

    "Destroyed someone's career with a bunch of overblown hype" are you insane? They produced a product without thoroughly testing it and then tried to dance around the issue. There needs to be accountability at Apple for these bad decisions. I'm glad to see they have the balls to make top level changes as opposed to flogging some mid level engineer.

  4. Paul Judd Says:

    To be fair, Harry's comment is implying a correlation. We don't have any definitive answers as to the full reason that Papermaster left – he came on right when Jobs was on leave. Not to mention the dynamics of working for IBM and apple are very different.

    Gruber said on Sunday that Papermasters departure:

    Several readers asked whether this is proof that the iPhone 4 antenna is, in fact, fundamentally flawed. (Or as one put it, “fucked”.) No. Here’s the iPhone 4 antenna, in eight words: It’s a good design but has a flaw. The problem is the last four words.[/quote]

  5. Keily Says:

    Yeah I am also gonna sold my iphone. Getting rid of this antenna issue. Better to purchase other smart phones.