Clear Aims for Apple Users With the iSpot

By  |  Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 11:52 am

WiMAX provider Clear on Wednesday introduced the iSpot, a device aimed at giving iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users 4G access. The iSpot also offers a discounted rate on service: $25 per month as opposed to the typical $40 per month plan.

There is a catch. In order to qualify for the promotional rate, you can only connect it with an Apple device — it’s iOS compatible only. Using it with other mobile devices bumps that rate back up to the typical $40 rate.

The $99 device (on sale for $29 for today only) will create a hotspot of about 150 feet around the device and allow for up to eight devices at a time. The iSpot will last about four hours on a single charge, the company says.

Apparently the device is “unlockable” to use on all platforms, but it requires that the customer get the standard rate. It should be noted that the $25 rate appears to be “promotional,” so it may not be this good for too long.

I’m curious as to whether anyone would be interested in this and why. I’ve been eyeing Clear for my home Internet as Comcast has become increasingly unreliable here, and FiOS is still not even close to being available. Don’t know about this though — especially with my iPhone bill now regularly over $100/month after taxes.


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  1. Mike Cerm Says:

    If 4G were more broadly available, you could get this and an iPod Touch (with Google Voice and Skype), and save more than $60/month. If I didn't already have a smartphone that can tether for free, and I lived in a 4G area, I'd probably pick one of these up. (I'm pretty sure that WiFi is compatible with Apple and non-Apple devices.)

  2. Wayne Dixon Says:

    I ordered one mostly because I have wifi-only versions of the Apple devices; the iPad, my old iPhone 3GS, and I do have an iPhone 4. I'll probably be using this while I'm out and about and want fast access, and as an emergency internet access point for when comcast does go down.

  3. Zatz Says:

    I ordered one specifically because they said it's solely mated to iDevices. I love a challenge. Although I suspect handling this one will be trivial. 😉

  4. evologynow Says:

    These wifi hotspots are sure becoming a lot more common. It's nice that it can connect up to 8 devices!