Hello From My iPad on a Plane

By  |  Monday, August 2, 2010 at 7:28 pm

Pay no attention to this post– okay, a little attention if you want, but it doesn’t merit much. I’m on board a Virgin America flight to New York (where I’ll cover RIM’s BlackBerry event tomorrow). And since I have Internet access via Gogo but no laptop–it ran out of juice–I’m trying blogging on my iPad.

Verdict: Doable, but slow and not terribly pleasant. Biggest problem: I’m in a middle seat…


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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Tim Joiner Says:

    That's the main reason I won't get an iPad. Great for consuming but awful for creating.

  2. SDM Says:

    Hauling around an extra keyboard defeats the point. How does it not defeat the point?

    If you need to type, a laptop is much less clutter. And the 13'' MBP claims up to 10 hrs battery life, can be instant-on if you just shut the lid when you are ready to go and open the lid when you are ready to work (no hassle at all frankly — guarantee it takes less time than getting out a bluetooth keyboard, turning it on, and connecting it). What could be worse in a backpack than an external keyboard? Maybe a live chicken?

    The iPhone is even more portable and accessible than the iPad. You just hook it up to an external keyboard and an external screen and bam, instant laptop replacement. But lets face it, it is really not as convenient as a laptop.

  3. Kirstine Vergara Says:

    I still don't get what's all the fuss about this iPad. Yes, it's lightweight, stylish, and probably nice to have when you're one who does a lot of reading. But can this function as a regular laptop? I don't think so. It does not even come close to half of a laptop's storage capacity, much more on usability and functionality.