They're Watching You

By  |  Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 7:29 am

Good, creepy reporting at the Wall Street Journal by Julia Angwin on how marketers use cookies to create detailed profiles of who you are based on your surfing habits. (I don’t think the standard defense–“none of the information is personally identifiable”–settles the matter. Unless you think it would be acceptable in the real world to spy on someone as long as you didn’t know his or her name.)


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  1. Seumas Says:

    People need to be educated on the fact that while a piece of data may be anonymous, it can be very easily tied to several other anonymous data points which *can* ultimately identify you.

  2. Dave Barnes Says:

    Not sure that I should worry about this. It all seems to be about delivering target ads. I see so few ads on the web that it does not matter. For example, this website is ad-free as I block all 3rd-party ad systems.

  3. Harry McCracken Says:

    It's all about targeting ads, and while it's not evil, I think some of the people involved in doing the targeting should be more sensitive to the concerns of the consumers in question. "It's anonymous" shouldn't end the conversation.


  4. david Says:

    Do you think these people work alone?
    the gov. is watching you.

  5. Kimiko Force Says:

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  7. Maricela Olson Says:

    I am just wondering how do they do that. Does it mean that we should be scared of marketers? Just asking. Thanks!

  8. Mart Says:

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