Will There Ever Be a Nexus Two?

By  |  Friday, July 16, 2010 at 3:18 pm

Google has announced that it’s received its last batch of Nexus One phones. When they’re gone, they’re gone–and since Google announced back in May that it had decided to shutter its online phone store, the company will be ending its experiment in direct sales to the masses when the last N1 goes out the door.

One question which I think remains unanswered: Does the imminent death of the Nexus One signal the end of the concept of the Googlephone–if “Googlephone” is defined as an Android handset for which Google is the maker of record and the sole company responsible for the software experience? When Google decided to wind down direct sales of the phone, it said it would work to sell it through retailers. But I don’t think it ever addressed directly what it intended to do once the Nexus One was discontinued. Will it be content to let phone makers do with Android as they will from now on? Or does it still want the opportunity to make a phone that fits its vision of what an Android handset should be as closely as possible?


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  1. Teddy Says:

    Maybe that's what the upcoming press conference is about….

  2. @mathiastck Says:

    In many was the Nexus 1 seemed to follow the ADP. The Android Developer Phones were sold direct from Google, too, they just targeted the developer community rather then the consumer.

  3. @TechThirst Says:

    They've done a great job with the Nexus One; I have one and am I proud owner. I think they should do a home-made tablet now for the same purpose they had for making the Nexus.

  4. Glenn Says:

    I have a Nexus One and love it. I have the unlocked version and use it on the CellularOne/Dobson network. Things change every week in the cellphone market, last week it was the EVO with its 2 hour battery life, this week it's the DroidX with the same thing, next week it will be something else. My Nexus One lasts 3-4 days between battery charges, so to me it's better than all these other phones.

  5. fuzzmello Says:

    eric says no to the nexus two.

  6. David Davis Says:

    This really sucks for people like me on a small local provider who can't buy a cool Android phone through a retailer. I was actually happy to see options in the phone market in the US. I guess we're back to the old standby where I'm buying unlocked imported phones to get what I want. Sad.

  7. strongfist Says:

    Its too bad actually. The Nexus One is still a great phone and quite possibly the fastest phone so far with its JIT compiler.

    I read this article about why this new marketing strategy was such a failure. You can check it out at http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/2010/05/17/google-

  8. BC in SD Says:

    Hmm. So, it was so popular, it sold out completely, but no follow-up. All they need to do is tweak the sales/delivery process. I know techies who think it is better than the iPhone 3G or the iPhone 4. Someone else had better get a head screwed on straight.