Microsoft Cancels 1 vs. 100, Xbox Live's First Game Show

By  |  Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 10:01 am

One of Xbox Live’s most innovative features, the online game show 1 vs. 100, won’t return for another season.

If you missed it, 1 vs. 100 was a trivia show in which one contestant would try to outlast a “mob” of 100 others, each of whom face elimination with wrong answers. Players who weren’t competing could still answer questions from the sidelines, with a chance to rotate into the main game. Semiweekly live shows, hosted by comedian Chris Cashman, offered prizes to the winners.

The game was included with an Xbox Live Gold subscription, and at one point attracted more than 60,000 players to the live show. Microsoft didn’t say why it canned the show, only noting that the development team will move on to other projects. It’s rumored that the original 1 vs. 100 television show, hosted by Bob Saget for two seasons on NBC, could return, so maybe that was an issue for Microsoft.

Whatever the reason, I hope Microsoft comes up with a suitable replacement. As several commenters on Kotaku wisely point out, 1 vs. 100 is a social, casual game that draws in exactly the same crowd Microsoft will try to capture with the Kinect motion-sensing camera. And Kinect support seems like an obvious choice for game shows; imagine waving your arms in celebration and seeing an avatar do the same, or raising your hand to answer a question and speaking the answer.

Kinect aside, the idea of a massive multiplayer online game show is just plain cool. Half the fun of watching game shows on television is trying to answer questions yourself, and 1 vs. 100 let spectators do that by sectioning non-players into small groups to compete amongst themselves. I think 1 vs. 100 had a chance to revolutionize game shows, but like an anxious TV network, Microsoft pulled the plug too soon.


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  1. jacfu Says:

    I am very disappointed that it was cancelled. I played every week and I loved it! It was one game I was really looking forward to returning.

  2. Dewd Says:

    HORRIBLE HORRIBLE IDEA… I was really looking forward to a new season.

  3. Darksubmission Says:

    I LOVED 1 vs 100!!! I was so hoping for a third season, but it just isn't to be. I played every week.

  4. Steve Says:

    I played on a friends xbox. I absolutly loved it. 1 vs. 100 was the one and only reason i got my xbox now im very mad 1 vs. 100 isnt up anymore!! Worst idea ever for microsoft!

  5. Shey Says:

    OMFG I am so pissed that they would do some idiot thing like that! I was so looking forward to the 3rd season especially since I started playing it halfway into the 2 season. All I do is tell my bf how much it should come back now it's not even coming back

  6. kevin Says:

    i got my xbox for Christmas this past year, and loved 1 vs 100, also it was fun for the whole family, so it added to the whole Christmas and new years feeling with family. personally i think it was a great game and Microsoft shouldn't of cancelled it, but i guess our opinions don't matter =/

  7. Khrista Says:

    OMG, i'm so upset at Microsoft. My boyfriend and i bought an xbox 360 just this year and other than playing halo, 1 vs. 100 was what we were looking forward to. So congrats Microsoft, you've earned your XBOX back.

    PS3 represent! 🙂

  8. jme Says:

    Agreed. 1 vs 100 was one of the main reasons to buy an XBOX. Bad move.

  9. Lotus Says:

    This game is what inspired me to finally pay for the gold sobscription and now its a dissappointment …. i dont even use my xbox anymore

  10. dead Says:

    Xbox live is going up in price AND we are losing some of the key features we pay for in the first place? We either need to be getting some AMAZING new feature for FREE.

  11. Roger Powers Says:

    Sry for the back stuff

  12. MicDizzle2 Says:

    Man I miss this game so much,but hey maybe Microsoft will come up with a new game that can do the same thing and won't crash the P2P servers.

  13. Lynn Cirbs Says:

    Probably had some issues with the copyrights of the game, original creators of the game show probably wanted money,or something. and as we know Microsoft will NEVER have enough I also only joined gold membership becuase of this game. So they replace it with a bunch of war type game nights. Im upset and may cancel gold soon.

  14. shejag17 Says:

    Im very dissappointed the only reason I got an xbox and a gold membership was to play this game…..guess i will recomend nintendo to everyone

  15. Charles Says:

    This is crap. I loved 1 vs 100, and I too got the Xbox 360 last year for Christmas, and now its not the same with 1vs100 being canceled. Bill Gates, you suck!!

  16. Danny Says:

    That stinks that it was canceled. But you still need xBox Live Gold. I've got a few 12 months if anyone needs one. E-mail me at

  17. Josh Vail Marbach Says:

    its complete bs i got my whole family to play and my mom don't even like xbox but i got into playing it because of that game you suck microsoft

  18. Nate Says:

    Yeah I am boycotting microsoft good thing I already own a mac, that was my absolute favorite game screw microoft!!

  19. Puppet Master Says:

    This is why…

  20. evalast Says:

    i know why microsoft cancel 1 vs 100 it was a very educational games everyone who are willing to add knowledge to their brains cell was having fun every night..but i bet you if 1 vs 100 was about stupidity it would probably still be on right now…

  21. Alfman Says:

    it was a fun game I honestly enjoyed playing I lovetrivia games and being able to play with not only my roomates there with me helping me guess but my friends back home over xbox live was awesome I really hope it comes back soon

  22. Dale Denison Says:

    How am i spose to finsh the achievements now i cant play it. Thanks for nothing microsoft.

  23. SWD Says:

    thats really sucks that was the best family game ever thanks for nothing

  24. joe Says:

    My whole family used to play and look forward to 1 v.s 100 every night and now its gone.. =[ It was fun for everyone and a GREAT idea and now they destroyed it. I am VERY dissappointed with this decison and I hope microsoft changes their mind because by the look of it, no one is happy with it so far.. =[

  25. Xavier Says:

    was a great game. very fun and simple. the content was endless, dont see why microsoft would cancel this. I would easily pay $10-$20 for this game.

  26. Scott Says:

    Wow I don't know how MS could be so stupid to get rid of this. It made a lot of people by an xbox which is never bad for them. And I'm sure they made a fortune on advertising during the game. I hope they will realize this is a mistake, but the idea that the author talks about sounds pretty good using the kinect. Hopefully with this terrible knews it will bring us the next great game.

  27. scrapmetal Says:

    well most of us want it back,so lets take to microsoft and tell'em that they need to bring it back its it was really the best multiplayer game i have ever played and probabley will play!

  28. scrapmetal Says:

    ps they didnt d need to use 1vs100 technogly to make something "better" in the furture this was the best thing that happened in multiplayer gaming in the world i mean where else was there 10000 people playing the exact same thing together?

  29. Riley Says:

    Microsoft you fail us once again *smh*

  30. rahnod Says:

    yeah it really sucks because you had a chance to actually win microsoft points….. now our ONLY chance to get them is by buying them

  31. Kidka Says:

    I think the female hostess could have worn more appropriate attire, especially for a family game show. She couldn't have worn her dress any tighter.

  32. Family Man Says:

    this game use to bring my family together and would have a blast trying to answer questions. its a darn shame that it was canceled. Would love to see and alternative pop up on the arcade or indie market place. but ohwell one can only dream

  33. jibran Says:

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