Google and Government

By  |  Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 5:43 pm

The New York Times thinks that maybe the federal government should have some sort of oversight over Google’s algorithm. Which gave Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan an idea that sounds about as sensible.


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  1. Fr. Jim Rosselli Says:

    For the first time since Nixon, we are experiencing a president who fancies himself a monarch
    and is dismissive of Constitutional restraint. The FCC's flirtation with "Net Neutrality," in defiance
    of Congress and the Courts, is only one instance of the president attempting to establish autocratic control over freedom of speech. This is another, although Google is already spying on
    us for the CDC and might find it profitable to expand upon its work for Big Brother.

    The New York Times, being a principal spokesman for the Administration and for the DNC in general, of course approves of this Google-business. Conveniently, the program would also
    serve to restrain a competitor in the news-dissemination business.

  2. ebpp Says:

    that's just stupid

  3. BobH22 Says:

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