Windows 7 Slate PCs On Their Way. Still!

By  |  Monday, July 12, 2010 at 8:04 am

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  1. Dave Barnes Says:

    It is déjà vu and deja vu.
    It is French.

  2. swildstrom Says:

    Ballmer is deluded if he thinks that some tweaks to Windows 7 will make the software workable on a tablet. And then there is the major question of apps. What Microsoft should be doing is side-by-side development of phone and tablet versions of Windows Phone 7, but instead they are–so far–refusing to consider the use of WP7 on larger devices. This is a huge mistake.

  3. goldtracker Says:

    Got to agree with you there. I really don't want W7 on a pad. I like it but, it's not going to do on a pad what I want the pad to do. I think think what they should be doing is looking at the ZuneHD interface which I guess is somewhat what the WP7 is.

  4. Name Says:

    I am using Windows 7 on a tablet right now. Works fine so maybe you're the deluded one.

  5. crawdell Says:

    I keep seeing posts like yours claiming Win7 can't work on tablet devices. While I'll reserve judgment on how well it might work, I don't see any reason the OS can't be adapted. The multitouch features are built into the OS api. MS has sample applications out there. And manufacturers can easily customize the Windows shell to be anything they want to be touch friendly. That being said I would say MS should lead the way and not wait for HP (who doesn’t care anymore because of Palm), Dell, Asus, etc to build a good touch shell.

    Win7 runs great on low powered netbooks so I don’t think your complaint should have to do with performance and battery life (you can find netbooks doing 10+ hours out there). And if a tablet was build with Win7 embedded it would likely perform even better.

  6. the Innocent Says:

    I think you have that last analogy a bit backward. Its more like taking a sport car engine and putting into a sedan and finding a way to tame v12 monster of OS that Windows 7 is into something moms can drive around is not going to work while the iPad in on the market.

  7. joe Says:

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