Mobile Web Usage Continues to Grow

By  |  Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 11:16 am

Internet users are increasingly cutting the cord according to new data from the Pew Internet & American Life project. 40 percent of American adults use instant messaging, e-mail, or the Internet on their phones at least once a day, up eight percent from last year.

The growth here likely has a lot to do with the recent growth of smartphones — Apple’s iPhone continues to sell very well, and Google’s Android platform has gained a lot of momentum over the past several months.

Among all phone owners, 38 percent use their phone to access the web and 34 percent to check e-mail, both up from 25 percent; and 30 percent instant message, up from 20 percent the previous year. The research firm also asked questions on emerging Internet trends.

Researchers found that 23 percent are checking their social networking accounts and 10 percent have updated their statuses via their phone on services such as Twitter. “The mobile user population is becoming more diverse over time and more people are relying on their cell phones as their primary form of wireless connectivity,” researcher Aaron Smith said.

Mobile web penetration is only set to grow dramatically as our youth — who are by far much more connected than their older counterparts — age. Nearly 90 percent of those 18-29 now have a cell phone, and their use of advanced features far outpaces the nation as a whole.

Among that age group, 65 percent access the web, 52 percent check their e-mail, and 46 percent use instant messaging. Social networking is also popular: nearly half log into their profiles while mobile. This is not to say older age groups are not getting into the act: Smith pointed out Pew found significant increases in mobile web usage among the 30-49 year old demographic as opposed to last year.

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