Roku Holds a Channel Contest (I'm a Judge!)

By  |  Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 7:23 pm

Roku’s neat little Internet TV box is also a platform for third-party channels–app-like services which can offer music, photos, social networking tools, and more. The company is taking a logical step to encourage developers to create cool stuff: It’s holding a channel competition and giving away a total of $35,000 in prizes to the creators of the best channels.

Who decides which entries are the best? The first round of judging will be done by Roku owners. Then a final pass will be done by guest judges: Jim Louderback of Revision3 will look at video channels; Michael Endelman of Rolling Stone will handle music; Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny will take care of photos; actor, director, producer, and Twitter superstar LeVar Burton will be responsible for social media; and Roku founder Anthony Wood will choose a special award called Founder’s Choice. Oh, and I’m handling screen savers–should be fun.

The deadline for entries is September 6th, and winners will be named in October. Here are the complete rules.



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  1. Ron D Stricklin Says:

    Good thing they got guest judges. There is no way that roku users could possibly say what is the best applications because hell they are nothing more than the people who actually use the device.

  2. Harry McCracken Says:

    Roku users are doing most of the voting–they're the ones who choose the channels that go to the final round. And I've logged a lot of time watching Roku, so I'm a user too…


  3. Ron D Stricklin Says:

    Lol Ok.. No further comment needed

  4. Zatz Says:

    Ron, I'm willing to bet I got my Roku before you got yours. 😉 I purchased it the first day it was available, back when it was called the Roku Netflix Player. Of course, as Harry says, the non-judge owners/users promote the Roku channel finalists – we merely pick amongst the top three in a particular category. I'm hoping for some cool things.