Apple Facing Possible Lawsuit Over iPhone 4 Antenna

By  |  Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 8:48 am

California-based law firm Kershaw, Cuttiner, and Ratinoff is asking for customers with iPhone 4 signal reception issues to contact it, likely signaling the beginnings of a class-action suit against Apple over the issues. An announcement was posted to their site this week.

The reception problem looks like it won’t be going anytime soon. While some have tried to argue that the problems are related to iOS4 itself, it seems highly unlikely it’s a software issue alone. With Apple confirming that the metal band around the phone does serve as an antenna, it seems only logical that any interference(including putting your hand over it) would impact signal quality.


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  1. Hamranhansenhansen Says:

    Putting your hand over every antenna affects signal quality, on every phone. You can find video on the Web of every smartphone and many feature phones doing this.

    Putting your hand over a speaker or microphone similarly affects signal quality.

  2. Ed Oswald Says:

    Good points, Ham. But at the same time, it wasn't too smart of Apple in my opinion to make the antenna something that is first of all frequently touched by the hand and second of all conductive and probably even more susceptible to interference.

    Hopefully this means this horrid design (I am not a fan) lasts much less than previous ones.

  3. Tim Says:

    Okay, I'll concede the point. But I never noticed it with my other iPhone (3G) nor with my cheapo LG free thing that Cingular gave my in 2006. WIth the iPhone 4, I see the signal drop immediately, as soon as I brush the phone's magic spot in the lower left corner. It's not a slight or easy-to-avoid problem. It's also not a fatal flaw, but it's close to it, and Apple must fix it.

  4. David Worthington Says:

    I tried to make it happen by cupping my hand over the antenna, but there was no change in signal strength.

  5. Tech Says:

    That's a ridiculous problem to have for a company like Apple.

  6. strongfist Says:

    Simply amazing. You know I think that Apple is facing all of these issues because they rushed to make the iPhone 4. Android more than likely caused this. However, Steve needs to give an official statement and soon. Until then we can only speculate.

    Any how theres this article at called "iPhone 4 Is In But The Problems Are Out: Complete Overview"

    Check it out for the complete listing of iPhone 4 issues and one that you may yet have heard of but still might be experiencing.

  7. Kilowatt76 Says:

    I have had my iPhone 4 about a week now, I have not seen any problems with it. I did install a bumper because it does really well protecting the phone. I'm sure Apple will take care of this and any other problems the iPhone 4 is having. If you sold 1.7 million phones there is bound to be defects. Any manufacturer faces these issues. I will continue buying Apple iPhones because they just keep getting better!

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