Wanna Watch YouTube on Roku Today?

By  |  Sunday, June 27, 2010 at 5:09 pm

Are the more obscure content offerings not doing it for you on your Roku? If so, perhaps the limitless video (of varying quality) found on YouTube makes for a better channel. I first caught wind of YouTube on Roku over a year ago. But it then seemed that Google changed their YouTube API and/or licensing terms. Followed by nothing. Until today…

Buried on Roku’s Facebook wall was the key to a “private” Roku YouTube channel. I’m not sure if this is a beta channel being produced by Roku (it’s titled “beta”) or a community-developed solution. Regardless, adding the new-to-me channel is trivial and the result works pretty well. (Other than an occasional loss of audio that seems to require a reboot. It’s a beta!)

How to add YouTube to Roku today:

  • On your computer, visithttps://owner.roku.com/Account/ChannelCode/
  • Log into your Roku account
  • Enter code B8VVK
  • On your Roku, enter and exit the Channel Store to refresh your dashboard apps
  • Determine if the iPhone 4 will blend

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21 Comments For This Post

  1. joshuaferris Says:

    There are a lot more private codes at http://www.roku-channels.com.

    CHeck them all out.

  2. Roku Socksov Says:

    This private YouTube channel has been available in the Roku since March 2010. Check out http://www.roku-channels.com for all available channels.

  3. danish Says:

    it worked!

  4. Ron D Stricklin Says:

    I think it might be the one and same that nowhereman in the forums was developing

  5. Marc1940 Says:

    I got the Youtube station on my Roku but cannot retrieve a video. It starts retrieving and gets about half way and stops. I suppose I could watch something on TV and come back later and see if it loaded. However, this is typical on the Channel Store. Anyone else have this problem? I am not blaming my wireless router because Netflix works perfect.

  6. artis9278 Says:

    i just got my roku xds & tried to play youtube videos but encountered the same problem as yours. what is the solution?

  7. maureen Says:

    It works.. I love it. I have so much on my playlist and now it’s on my tv… love it

  8. Bella Says:

    I got this channel just so I can Watch CTFxC on my tv. Yes I am that kind of nerdlette

  9. grateful user Says:

    thanks so much, love it!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe it works!

  10. dencimm Says:

    how do u enter your password (after your username)?

  11. mwh Says:

    Left click in the box that says password.

  12. Stephanie Says:

    Thanks for the info! I love it! =D

  13. dbuning Says:

    Thanks! It works Great!

  14. Nelson Says:

    I tried it, really works. Took only two minutes. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

  15. Julie Says:

    B8VVK is not working anymore as a code for you tube, It could be the player but every other code works..they may have changed it….FYI

  16. Check Says:

    B8VVK has been blocked by Roku now. So its not going to work anymore to add YouTube on Roku.

  17. dcccc Says:

    What the hell man. B8VVK is not working.

  18. Kiran Says:

    Anyone knows working code for Youtube ?

    Thanks in advance

  19. PAT Says:


  20. Ben Says:

    B8VVK no longer works is there a new code?????

  21. Prasad Says:

    Why the hell everyone is trying to have a seperate application for seeing youtube videos. Its pretty easy.. use your facebook app in roku..just post youtube videos into your wall with sharing option as "only me" ..then go to facebook in roku and then play from there.. Ullallaaa !!!