Bringrr Aims to Help You Remember Your Cell Phone

By  |  Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 9:18 pm

We’ve all done it at one point or another, including myself. You are driving to where you need to be (or already there), and suddenly realize you’ve forgotten your phone. For those more absent minded among us, Bringrr has the solution for it: an accessory that uses Bluetooth to see if you have your phone or not.

The company says that its own surveys indicate that four out of every five cell phone users say that forgetting their phone is a problem, and 30 percent of those that do would pay up to $30 for a solution like the company’s device.

Of course you have to first pair the device with the Bringrr in order for it to attempt to connect to “locate” your phone on first use, but after that it’s as simple as starting your car, the Bringrr power turning on, and the pairing process attempting to complete.

If the device finds your phone, the top ring of the Bringrr will glow blue. However if it does not, an audible alert will sound and the ring will turn red. The company is offering two versions of the device. The standard device for $34.99, and another that includes a USB charging unit that will retail for $44.99. The price seems to put about a $15-20 premium on the phone finding feature, since most higher-quality chargers for today’s smartphones seem to average around $25-$30.

Most modern devices, including the iPhone, will not have their Bluetooth hands-free use interrupted by Bringrr, the company says. “Dual pairing” as it is called is a fairly common feature on many current phones, and allows for more than one Bluetooth-enabled device to be paired at the same time.

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