Report: AT&T Didn't Test iPhone Preorder System Thoroughly

By  |  Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 12:48 pm

As the iPhone 4 preorder disaster worsens by the minute, the blame looks to fall squarely on AT&T’s shoulders as we learn more about what went wrong. The most damaging of these may be an source close to the carrier which now claims the system which AT&T was not tested before the launch.

The source works at a third party facility that processes the orders for AT&T. Apparently, the reports of users being able to login to others accounts even though they were attempting to log into their own could be related to a botched update on AT&T’s side related to fraud.

It’s not clear if those attempting to upgrade are the only ones that may have had their information opened up to others, but the source did say problems like this have happened before. As of the time I write this, neither AT&T nor Apple have made any public statements on the matter.

AT&T’s iPhone 4 eligibility page remains down, although its online account application has been put back online. I have a request for comment out to both companies.

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  1. Will S Says:

    Critics and people alike are the first to start crying and pointing fingers when things they feel should go perfect don’t, not to mention it makes a good news story. Media today loves and thrives at the natural flaws in the technology age, as if they could have done better. I’m sure they thought the ordering would be hectic and issues would come up but it wasn’t just ATT, Apple, Best Buy, Radio Shack all had lines out the door, slow computers and the unforeseen problems. Media itself can be to blame, building up the Iphone and creating all the buzz, sure stir up the bees nest then complain that no one is taking care of the problem. Annoying little pest get a life!

    As for informative news, you will eventually get the phone if you want, unfortunately it will take some patience. You’ve lived this long without it I’m sure you’ll survive one or two days to order it, you won’t get it till after the 24th. The other choice knowing what was to happen was to do what I did. I woke up at around 5:45am the average time for large web companies to finish their maintenance, sure enough around 6:00am the per-order page came up on ATT but did not work on the first try, kept booting me out, finally around 6:10am I was able to place my upgrade order and get my confirmation. All said, Iphone – setup fee $18 – tax = around $214, accessories extra. I didn’t fool around with that, just in and out before the onslaught and getting cut off. Good luck, and for the rest, stop the crying it’s only a phone.

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