Tomorrow's Apple News Today: Your WWDC Predictions

By  |  Sunday, June 6, 2010 at 9:47 am

Twenty-four hours from now, I’ll be standing in the hallway outside the Moscone West auditorium in San Francisco, a half hour from the Steve Jobs WWDC keynote which I’ll liveblog at A couple of hours after that, we’ll know all the Apple news there is to know.

So here’s our traditional final jag of predictions: Yours, in the form of results from our survey.

As usual, I’m aggregating your collective wisdom into group predictions. On questions for which you were allowed multiple answers, it’s a prediction if the majority of you guessed that something will happen. On ones for which you were allowed only one answer, it’s a prediction if a plurality of you expect something.

Will Apple announce a new iPhone at WWDC 2010?

Not a lot of contrarians out there–ninety-eight percent of you say that it will. (If the other two percent turn out to be right, we’ll all be surprised and impressed.)

What new features will the iPhone have?

Hey, you’re expecting an iPhone that sounds oddly familiar:

  • Higher-resolution camera
  • Faster CPU
  • Front-facing camera
  • Longer battery life
  • Larger/higher-resolution screen
  • iChat with video capability
  • More storage
  • Camera flash

Things you don’t think it’ll have: a thinner case, 4G wireless, or an IPS or OLED screen.

What U.S. carriers will the iPhone be available for?

AT&T. And only AT&T. Although 19 percent of you do think that Apple will announce a Verizon Wireless iPhone.

What will the name of the iPhone be?

I forgot to ask this in the survey, so I polled you separately. It’s going to be the iPhone HD. Although I still like the idea of Apple doing a reset on the nomenclature and calling it…iPhone.

Will Apple announce any lower price points for iPhones?


When will the new iPhone be available?

Later in June, but it’s a squeaker–only 51 percent of you think it’ll arrive that quickly. Twelve percent believe it’ll take until August or later.

What other new products, if any, will Apple announce?

None! I asked about seventeen other possibilities–Macs of all sorts, Apple TV, a software bonanza, and unspecified other products–and none of them received 50 percent of your votes. If you’re right about this, you better also be right about the new iPhone–or it’s going to be a pretty dull keynote tomorrow.

Will Steve Jobs make any references to the lost iPhone prototype?

You say he will, and I hope you’re right. I expect that you are.

Will Apple announce that the Beatles are now available on iTunes?

Your votes say it won’t, dang it. But if I spot Paul McCartney and/or Ringo Starr in the vicinity of the Moscone Center tomorrow morning I’ll let you know.

Will there be any other major announcements not mentioned above?

Yes. Fifty-five percent of you think there will be, so it’s surely true.

What else might happen?

Some of your free-form predictions:

Free version of Mobile Me

Apple search engine

A completely different iPhone design than what leaked

FM radio

New monitors

App Store for OS X

Safari 5

Touch-screen MacBook Pro

Wi-Fi synchronization

A smaller-screen iPad

A new A4 processor in the Apple TV

Jobs will mention something about privacy to send a jab at Zuckerberg and Facebook

Merger of Mac Mini and Apple TV lines

Boot Camp for iPhone –allowing those who want Android, Windows Mobile/Phone or Meego to run that in a dual-boot environment on the iPhone hardware.

OS X 10.7

Thanks to everyone who chimed in. Once the keynote’s over, we’ll revisit your predictions and see just how prophetic you were…


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6 Comments For This Post

  1. Bouke Timbermont Says:

    Not even a mention of OSX 10.7??? :s

    Boy, first time I hope the poll is dead-wrong on that :s

  2. Harry McCracken Says:

    I didn’t ask explicitly about OS X 10.7–me being either dopey or pessimistic. A few people did bring it up, but only a few…


  3. netbooker Says:

    A new iPhone!? I’m tired of Apple’s constant innovations making me reconsider the purchase of my Blackberry Bold…dangit!

  4. Tom Sonson Says:

    Yes, I agree with you.

  5. NickAVV Says:

    Mac OS X 10.7 would be sweet. I want them to start cleaning up their interface. Its so inconsistent, with elements left-over from the original Aqua, a lot of brushed metal, some things translucent for no reason, and now the black contextual menus in the dock. Its all just mishmashy and makes Windows 7 look unified and lovely. They need to get it together.

    Also, I hope there’s a new MacBook Pro since I’m getting one of those in about a week.

    And Boot Camp for iPhones sounds goofy but would be pretty awesome. 😛 They’ll never do it though.

    Well, an hour and 20 minutes until we can start seeing the aftermath!

  6. Ronald Says:

    Oh, I dont like apple's color scheme. It is started boring and Iphone is really not upto what a smart phone delivers. Other than smooth flicks It is a real brick tome.

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