Apple WWDC 2010: Come Predict With Me

By  |  Friday, June 4, 2010 at 6:14 pm

On Monday at 10am PT or thereabouts, Steve Jobs will take the stage at Apple’s WWDC 2010 conference and announce something. Maybe several somethings–including, just possibly, a new iPhone. I’ll be in the audience providing moment-by-moment live blog coverage at, and hope you’ll stop by.

In the meantime, how about some predictions? Not by me–by you. Click here to take our short multiple-choice predictosurvey. [UPDATE: survey closed–thanks, everyone!]┬áBefore the keynote, I’ll publish your collective wisdom on what we’re likely to see. And then after Jobs has been heard from, I’ll revisit your guess to see how we did.

We tried this experiment at last year’s WWDC, and you guys made more accurate predictions than some big-deal pundits did. I have this weird feeling that you might find it even easier this year to figure out what’s in store, but let’s see…


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  1. Jon Says:

    No predictions from me- sure it will be interesting though

  2. Paula Says:

    The End of Apple is near!!! Android and flash are today’s web… And I lost count how many people hated the iPhone when they try to use the web. Plus, the interface of the iPhone becomes to borring and lame… And yes, one more thing… The next iPhone does not support a true multitasking and the Android does. After trying the EVO… you fell like you are using an iPhone and iPad combine but with much more inside and out.

  3. NanoGeek Says:

    What is it about Android people who feel the need to proclaim the iPhone’s demise every possible chance they get? I mean, it’s great that you love your phone and all, but still, it’s just a phone. It’s not like it will make any life-long impact.

  4. iphonerocks Says:

    lets see. 2 million ipads sold in 60 days. yep it sound like apple is about to keel over and die. yeah right! pull your head out of the sand and stop drinking the android koolaid!
    Apple is far from dead. i cant wait to see my next phone! aloha!

  5. Apple_guy! Says:

    iPhone is part of the technology history…Android will never beat the iPhone or the iPad.
    And I’m VERY Sure that Apple will fix the flash thing soon and you all haters will see.

    Cheers Applers!!

  6. Hamranhansenhansen Says:

    Android people are like religious police. It isn’t enough for them to use their Android phone, they want to see Apple and their users punished for their many blasphemies and they want to see the nerdier device dominate the world.

    Also, they are very insecure about Android because iPhone outsells it 3:1 and even worse, iPhone outsells Android v2 by 10:1. And they are confused and offended by this.

    There is also a lot of mythology you have to buy into with Android. For example, you have to pretend the Java applets are native apps, and you have to pretend the native API is not closed to 3rd party developers. That way you can criticize Apple’s curated native apps as “closed” without feeling like a hypocrite. And you have to pretend that all Android users are running v2.2 and are definitely getting great battery life.

  7. Bouke Timbermont Says:

    There will be a lot: the new iPhone, more details on iPhoneOS 4, a new AppleTV, and one more thing: OSX 10.7 ­čÖé

  8. Relyt Says:

    Well I certainly hope they don’t update the MacBook Pros since I just bought one like 3 days ago…

  9. Paula Says:

    I am not Android fan and nor Apple. I just want something that works and the iPhone is not working for me. Also, did you know that Android is already ahead of the iPhone in sales? No wonder.

  10. Alan Smith Says:

    Hey Paula,
    Android is not the be all end all. Get your facts straight. iPhone outsells Android. Why are there so many Androids out there? Because Verizon has to give them away. Oh, Paula- its time to get to to work at your Google desk.

  11. Alan Smith Says:

    Android gained 2%, iPhone gained 2% at RIM’s expense

  12. mark Says:

    android people have iphone envy, that’s why they’ve got to trash it all the time.

  13. bims Says:

    .) I am often to blogging and i really appreciate your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your site and keep checking for new information.

  14. Arnum Says:

    I can see this post is a bit old, but couldn't help but stop by and comment here.

    I am surprised at the lack of 'FanBoys' here (Paula, Fanboys as a term is generic). Android vs iP)hone….hehe….I am no fence sitter, I have owned both, and I side with the iPhone. I honestly couldn't give a toss who buys what though, and can't imagine what posses a person to declare their undying love for a device, or their glee at the demise of another device.

    My 2 cents worth ­čśë

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