Okay, AT&T Customers–What Plan Will You Choose?

By  |  Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 4:07 pm

Yesterday I asked you what you thought of AT&T’s new, no-longer-unlimited data plans. The majority of poll respondents think they’re bad news, either short-term or over the long haul.

The most meaningful opinions about the shift will come from those of us who are currently paying AT&T $30 a month for unlimited smartphone data. We’ll all get to vote on the change with our pocketbooks–by either choosing to grandfather ourselves into the unlimited plan or opting to switch to one of the cheaper, limited offerings.

So this silly little poll is for current AT&T 3G smartphone (iPhone or otherwise) owners:


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  1. Bouke Timbermont Says:

    wait, tethering is an additional 20$?? WHY????

    The reason AT&T blocked tethering so far was to prevent outrageous data usage. With a datacap, there is NO REASON AT ALL for tethering to be a premium feature: you pay for 2GB, on what device you use thos 2GB shouldn't be any of AT&Ts business.

    I mean: 2GB is NOT a lot of data, and 25$ is a hell ofa lot money for those megabytes, AT&T doubling almost that price just because you use the same expensive megabytes on a different device just doesn't make sense!

    I'm baffled Apple swears by this provider, which is clearly just a gang of mobsters trying to figure out how to screw their customers over every day a bit more.

  2. tim deweert Says:

    Kan het zijn dat ik jou usb stick gevonden heb?
    Mail me anders naar [email protected]

  3. Zatz Says:

    I’m going to save the $5/mo and drop down. Need to check my wife’s usage and see if I can get her on the lowest plan. But she has some sort of WiFi phobia and refuses to turn it on. So it may just be the $5 savings for her too.

  4. Dave Says:

    How about an, “I’m going to stay with the $30/mo unlimited plan and not pay any extra for tethering by jailbreaking” option?

  5. Justin A. Watson Says:

    This plan is still unclear to me; as far as I can tell, AT&T says you are free to keep your existing unlimited data plan at no additional charge. That sounds great!
    However, what happens when my contract expires next year? I have yet to hear anyone sound off on this scenario….anyone know??

  6. Paul Judd Says:

    Nothing changes – you can keep your unlimited plan and still upgrade your phone.

  7. Justin A. Watson Says:

    Good to hear.

  8. Hamranhansenhansen Says:

    > I’m going to save the $5/mo and drop down.

    That seems crazy to me. You can’t go back. You can’t get into streaming audio or some other new app you may find. Netflix is coming to iPhone in a few days. You have to watch your usage. I can’t imagine doing the work to monitor my usage for $5 a month. There are surveys you can take that will pay you $60 for doing a lot less work than that, and then you have unlimited for a year.

    > Need to check my wife’s usage and see if I can get her on the lowest plan.
    > But she has some sort of WiFi phobia and refuses to turn it on

    If she is afraid of open Wi-Fi that is not a phobia. If there is no password your data is totally public.

    If you change her from $30/unlimited to the lowest plan which is $15/200MB and she uses 201MB the charge is another $15 to get 200MB more, in other words $30 for 400MB, same as what you pay now for unlimited.

  9. Strongfist Says:

    I use my G1 as the sole internet provider for me and my room mate. Its handy and no matter what my internet charges are a flat $30 rate.

    For all of you who think ATT is doing a good thing (essentially you iPhone users) read this article :


    it breaks down how ATT is trying to trap you with statistics that mislead and device. Its true that i am an Android user but i hate to see companies take our hard earned money so this isn;t even about the whole Android-iPhone war. This is just be looking after my fellow consumers…so just check out the article the reply to me with thoughts